Blockchain Games to Watch in August 2022 and Beyond

Blockchain Games to Watch in August 2022 and Beyond

The rise of blockchain technology over the past decade has been dramatic. This transformative tech utility has improvised many industries including the gaming industry. Blockchain games have features like P2E, which allow you to invest and reap big dollars.

What Games Should You Watch in 2022?

1. Neopets Meta

Neopets Meta is a play-and-earn virtual pet game based on the original late 90’s Neopets site. The original site was meant for bored college students who missed their pets. It became a sensational trend for the better part of the ’00s. Two decades later, Neopets meta was born. It possesses nostalgic features of the original version and so much more.

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How It Works

The Neopets metaverse is a parallel universe. It contains all the species, mysteries, and exotic lands of the original Neopia. Neopians can go on adventures and explore every corner of the virtual world. All the adventures are done with their virtual pets by their side. 

In addition, Neopians have the opportunity to raise and take care of their pets. They can also customize the appearance and abilities of their pets as they progress in the game. Neopians then pit their Neopets against others in virtual battles. 

Every progress Neopians make is a gaming experience built. The Neopets earn XP points and can level up. They also earn experience points when well catered for. The ones that are cared for well show healthy traits. They have better attributes and status.

The blockchain allows Neopians to own and monetize their gaming experience. These two added features to the blockchain version of Neopets have attracted a new generation of Neopians. Almost a hundred thousand people engage in gaming and other social activities within the metaverse daily.

How to Play

Playing Neopets is all about doing fun things for your pet. The game has 5 elements around which it revolves around. These include; a Neohome, PvE battles, quests and minigames, PvP battles, Craftings, and a Marketplace. 


The adventure begins in your Neohome. This is like a home to your Neopet. You can build, furnish, and customize your Neohome to an architecture of your liking. Additionally, you can welcome your friends’ Neopets to your Neohome. The pets can socialize and engage in other social activities by visiting each other.

Taking good care of your Neopets encourages improvement both in traits and abilities. Better status of pets attracts more XP points, leading to them rising in ranks and leveling up. As your Neopet climbs up the ranks, it is better adapted to face the outside metaverse. Essentially, it is ready for the battle action that is to come.

PvE Battles, Quests & Minigames

This is a personal zone where you battle the computer. You also have the chance to complete various quests within this single mode. Some minigames like Wheel of Excitement, Chute, Kiko Match, and Cheat! are also enjoyable. With a pool of about 160 games, you’ll never get bored. All these games earn you Neopoints in variable amounts.

PvP Battles

In PvP battles, Neopians battle against each other. Battledome is the virtual arena where Neopians meet and battle. It is the Coliseum of Neopia. All the gruesome take-ons among the gladiators occur here. You can earn Neopoints and gain glory and respect by beating the best.


The Neopoints, tokens, or resources you gather from the skillful play are very beneficial. You can craft them into food and potions for your Neopet. Both ensure its health is maintained or restored. You can also craft them into NFTs. These would be in the form of furniture, equipment, and cosmetics. 


The Marketplace is where Neopians can do all their trading and shopping. It is a platform to sell your NFTs or buy others. You earn even more tokens by selling your NFTs. Also, the ones you buy can decorate your Neohome and Neopet. You can also buy weapons to equip your pet for the battles. All these actions will help your Neopet level up in one way or the other.

In-Game Rewards

Neopoints Meta ($NPM) is the game’s native token for governance and in-game economy. On the other hand, Codestone Meta ($CSM) is the in-game’s currency. 

The following are ways in which you can earn $NPM:

  • Earning from skillful play in PvP tournaments
  • Selling the NFTs you’ve crafted to other Neopians
  • Participation in both the in-game and real-life community activities.
  • Stacking $NPM to earn $NPM rewards
  • Buying them from the decentralized exchange.

The following are two main ways to earn $CSM:

  • Playing PvE battles and completing quests
  • Participating in in-game and real-life community activities.

You can use $CSM in most gameplay activities which include:

  • Buying exclusive Neopets species
  • Upgrading Neohomes
  • Upgrading crafted NFTs
  • Crafting NFTs
  • Shopping for food and potions in Marketplace

2. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a game whose core is essentially a decentralized NFT metaverse. It has planetary worlds in which players compete for rare resources. Trillium (TLM) is the scarce resource mined by players on different planets. This game is based on a story idea about the future. The storytime setting is around the year 2055. 

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While the earth is being ravaged by pandemics, its inhabitants find an escape. The Federation, an advanced bitcoin mining community, noticed a pattern. An advanced alien species was sending messages through its bitcoin mining algorithms. After being decoded, the messages led to a wormhole discovery. It allowed human beings to travel to far away exoplanets. 

The Federation traveled into the exoplanets collecting hyper rare Trillium as it explored. Its Trillium was unique and limited in supply. In addition, they also discovered many inhabitable planets in the new interstellar network. 

How It Works

The Federation of Alien Worlds has six planets. Players are supposed to explore these planets and mine their lands. Mining earns them Trillium, the game’s metaverse currency. They also have the opportunity of buying land on a planet. Owning land entitles one to an adjustable portion of all mined Trillium therein.

The types of land available vary. Each type has its unique characteristics that affect Trillium mining. The stats that determine the type of land are:

  • NFT luck multiplier, which determines the probability of mining an NFT crop
  • Proof of Work (POW) reduction, which dictates the degree of mining difficulty
  • TLM multiplier, which determines how many Trillium you will gain
  • Charge time multiplier, which determines the refractory periods between mining sessions.

Players ought to have tools to aid them in mining. The types of tools also vary in ability. The variation is as follows:

  • Those that increase your odds of mining an NFT
  • Those that mine more TLM 
  • Those that reduce POW requirement

All tools are NFTs. Therefore, they can be bought, sold, or traded on the Marketplace.

The game combines land and tool modifiers to calculate the chances of mining Trillium, NFTs. Apart from tools, players can acquire the following NFTs:

  • Avatars for aesthetic purposes only
  • Weapons that will be used in fighting 
  • Minions who will also be used in fighting
  • Artifacts that vary in qualities

NFTs within the Alien Worlds are also grouped depending on rarity and shininess level. The rarity levels increase as follows: Abundant, Common, Epic, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical. On the other hand, the shiny levels are as follows: Stone, Gold, Stardust, Antimatter, and XDimension.

Shinier NFTs have more power. The good thing is that all NFTs can be upgraded. This is by sending them to a Smart Contract accompanied with a few Trillium. Smart contracts upgrade and send back a shinier NFT.

How to Play

You should have a WAX account to play Alien Worlds. They provide sufficient CPU to play. You should then create an account. A starter pack containing a shovel and a simplistic avatar shall be provided too.

After that, you should begin your adventure and explore the Alien Worlds’ planets. Select a planet and choose the land to mine for Trillium and NFTs. Staking your mined Trillium within a planet enlists you as part of a DAO. In exchange, you will receive the planet’s unique token. It will allow you to take part in the planet’s elections.

In-game Rewards

Mining Trilium is the game’s primary earning mode. You can also earn NFTs by completing missions and competing in fights. These NFT gamecards can be acquired in BSC and WAX chains. You can trade them strategically to further various activities that earn you more Trilium. 

Alien Worlds is built on three blockchains. These are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and WAX. You can store and trade the Trillium that you have mined in any of the three chains. 

3. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is one of the best virtual card games. It is based on decentralized NFT blockchain technology. The game is powered by an innovative and robust Play and Earn ecosystem.

The technology enables players to possess the assets and rewards gained in-game. The game also offers a cross-bridge for trading in multiple blockchains. Players trade online cards and battle while earning. Both mobile and desktop devices can be used to play Splinterlands.

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How It Works

Splinterlands has two types of cards, Summoners, and Monsters. Summoners are magical practitioners. They harness one of the six primal forces and use it to summon monsters. Monsters, on the other hand, are creatures who are called to do the actual fighting.

The six primal sources of magic in Splinterlands are Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, and Dragon. There are distinct factions known as splinters that champion each of these forces. A summoner of a particular splinter can call up races, habitats, and creatures therein. 

Each card has seven basic features. These are:

  • Mana cost- Higher costs mean more power. They impact team creation.
  • STATS- They depict the health, speed, toughness, and physical power of the card’s character.
  • Splinter/Rarity- The icon represents a specific splinter while its color indicates rarity. Rarity can be common, rare, epic, and legendary.
  • Name- The character’s name.
  • Level- Higher level means more power.
  • Experience- Gained by combining duplicate cards. Green bars indicate progress to the next level.
  • Abilities- These are special skills used during combat. Better abilities are unlocked by increasing levels.

STATS indicates the core attributes of the card’s character. They include Speed, Attack, Health, and Armor. An attack can be Melee (close combat), Ranged (distant), or Magic. Armors cannot stop a Magic attack. In addition, Magic attacks can be initiated from any row.

Speed makes it hard to hit the character with melee and ranged attacks. It determines the strategy of the attack. The armor prevents hits from affecting the health of the character. Once the armor is destroyed, health declines gradually to zero then the character dies.

The fights are made interesting by the characters’ Abilities. Each ability contributes uniquely to the winning strategy. Splinters may specialize or even have exclusive access to some Abilities. The game has over 60 Abilities. They include Demoralize, which reduces the melee of all enemies, among many others.

How to Play

When you understand Splinters, Abilities, and STATS, you are definitely ready for battle. Proceed to buy packs at the collection page. You will get random cards from each pack you buy. Sharpen your skills by playing a Practice battle. If good, engage in a Ranked battle against other Monsters to test your skills.

The following are steps to engage in a Ranked battle:

  • Select a Summoner

Since the Summoner you select determines the Monster you use, please choose wisely. The Summoner determines the levels of monsters allowed in your collection. Review each Summoner’s capabilities before selection.

  • Choose a Monster

Select a Monster from the pool availed by your Summoner.

  • Positioning

Arrange your Monsters from the front row (tank position). When the Monster ahead dies, another moves to take its position.

  • Combat

On the battleground, your Monsters face the enemies. Monsters with the highest speed are the ones to attack first. The attack types begin with magic, then ranged, and finally melee.

With experience, you will learn which Monster combination works best in battles. You will also learn what positions are best for each battle.

In-Game Rewards

Players earn rewards daily from Ranked play, Tournaments, and Quests. Even with a small collection and low skill, there is an opportunity to earn. You will earn magic potions, card packs, collectible cards with varying rarity, and Dark Energy Crystals, among many others. Dark Energy Crystals are a tradable digital currency you can use for shopping.

Hive crypto wallet makes involvement with crypto easier. Splinterlands cross-compatibility encompasses Ethereum, WAX, and Tron blockchains. Participating in the SplinterTalk social media community can earn you crypto and other digital assets. This includes HIVE crypto. You can also purchase in-game credits using various cryptos.

4. Pegaxy

Pegasus Galaxy is a blockchain horse racing game with a futuristic mythological design. The horses, Pega, are descendants of the great Pegasus. According to Greek mythology, Pegasus was the son of Poseidon and Medusa. He represents speed, strength, and artistic inspiration. 

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How It Works

In Pegaxy, players participate in PvP competitions and win rewards. There are 12 players in each race. They compete for a top three placement. There are randomized elemental variables in each race. They include fire, water, wind, speed, and much more. Strategic upgrades, food, and skill can win the players a position among the top three.

Apart from racing, players can breed, rent, and sell their Pega to earn Vigorous (VIS). VIS is the galaxy’s utility token. Legacy innovation in on-chain technology and economic balance make it respectable. Its team transparency, superior gameplay, and community involvement have attracted many.

How to Play

To play, simply enter the racing lobby in the Legacy game. Wait for it to fill. The race begins when the countdown is up. The top three are awarded VIS. Number one gets the most rewards.

Apart from daily races, there is the Grand Dash Tournament. It takes the top 12 racers in each class each month. There are 11 qualification months, with December hosting the Final. The Grand Final is the most important racing day in the Pegaxy metaverse. It is live streamed across all platforms.

Besides racing, breeding requires skill. There are four bloodlines, Hoz, Campana, Zan, and Klin. How is the rarest while Zan is the commonest. The breed types are Founding, Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Pacer. 

All breeding types can be sired except the Founding Pega. They are limited to the 5000 original Pega. You must also note that the breeding cooldown times vary among different breeds. You can also rent your bred Pega to cover the cost of breeding.

In-Game Rewards

Owners can reap the rewards by:

  • Selling their Pega in the Marketplace
  • Racing their Pega in PvP mode
  • Renting out their Pega
  • Collecting the rare Founding and crowned Pega for reselling
  • Competing in The Grand Dash Tournament

The Pegaxy governance token, $PGX, and the utility token, VIS, are awarded. $PGX provides stacking opportunities to all holders.

5. Illuvium

Illuvium is a fully decentralized play-to-earn blockchain game. The players initially respond to distress calls only to find a destroyed planet. Their intergalactic ship crashes on the planet’s surface, almost subdued by a crystal ocean. They then assume the roles of survivors.

On the planet, the players discover majestic beasts. Some even have god-like power. They also notice that these beasts, Illuvials, harness unusual radiation. This strange radiation comes from the planet’s core. It stimulates the growth and mutation of Illuvials, unleashing deadly attacks. 

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The players master the energy from the radiation. They begin to capture and control the Illuvial. The cells for restricting Illuvials are slivers of crystals (Shards) mined from the planet. 

How It Works

Your character in the game is a hunter and a survivor. The planet has more than 100 Illuvials. You are tasked with hunting, overpowering, and controlling them. Illuvial belonging to the same classes are called synergies. Therefore, you should make sure you find Illuvials in synergizing pairs. 

The Hybrid Synergy System makes Illuvials stronger when working as a team in the battle arena. On the other hand, Fusion allows the merging same-type Illuvials into more powerful beasts. Both tools will maximize your potential to win.

Like in many other virtual games, Illuvials are associated with one of the following elements: Fire, Water, Air, Nature, and Earth. The most powerful Illuvials are Frosts. They descend from water and air. 

Illuvial are classified into 5 classes too: Guardian, Psion, Fighter, Empath, and Rogue. Your class of Illuvials will impact the outcome of battles against the wild Illuvial. As you level up, the synergized ascended forms of Illuvials can be so strong that they simultaneously embody two classes.

How to Play

You can begin by customizing your characters. Select your polymorphic drone after that. Then head to explore the various worlds within the Illuvium. When you encounter Illuvials, try subduing them. Ensure your shards are strong enough to contain the Illuvial. This is because they have varying strengths.

Over time, players will unlock Obelisks which allow travel to new mysterious parts of the universe. The Illuvial that you capture has digital signatures. Recording these digital signatures into the Illuviary unlocks the entries. These entries are indexes of every Illuvial found on the planet.

In addition, there is a glory and legacy that comes with Illuvium exploration. Your name appears permanently next to your discoveries. It is displayed on the worldwide Illuviary database. Furthermore, the digital signatures of the Illuvials you capture can be a key. It can help demystify the Illuvial mysteries.

In-Game Rewards

Making good profits in Illuvium involves being skillful in your in-game activities. The following are ways in which you can earn rewards in Illuvium:

  • Gaining ILV tokens by battling in Battle Arenas or Tournaments against other players. Your team will have to be well strategized for this.
  • You can also become a wager and anticipate the correct winners to earn rewards. The problem with this method is that it can lead to losses. All wagers are placed using ILV tokens.
  • You can also hunt for Illuvials for sale in the IlluviDEX, the Illuvium marketplace. Rarer and just discovered Illuvial. 


In a nutshell, blockchain games are ushering in a new era in gaming. Games are no longer a waste of time. Also, investing is no longer boring adult stuff. Blockchain games have incorporated fun with the most crucial lifelong activity, investing. Carefully evaluate the options above and choose one of your likings.

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