Cirus AMA – Fireside Chat with the Cirus Leadership Team

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Cirus AMA – Fireside Chat with the Cirus Leadership Team

The Cirus team recently participated in a fireside chat and AMA session in which they talked about the Cirus vision for decentralized data monetization. The team also outlined how it plans to make inroads into new markets and onboard new users across the globe. Below are excerpts from the panel discussion.

The Cirus Team

The Cirus team and its partners bring a wealth of experience from many different backgrounds, including emerging technologies, data, entrepreneurship, advertising, and more.

Daniel Bland, the project co-founder, has been building technology companies his entire career, and the Cirus Foundation was born from the realization that big data is broken. Through his entrepreneurial vision, Daniel saw a need, and Cirus was born as a solution to fill it. Along with David Bland are David Brown, who is the Head of Research and Community, and Mike Miclea, who is the Head of Marketing. 

About the Project 

Cirus unlocks data as a form of digital currency. It enables people to freely participate in value generation from their largest digital asset, which is their personal data, using a two-tiered model that combines hardware and virtual systems. 

First, a CIRUS hardware device is used to replace a traditional Wi-Fi router and allows users to collect high-quality data from all of their internet-enabled devices. Next, Virtual Cirus, a lightweight client, enables baseline data collection and node creation for the network. 

Using an enterprise go-to-market strategy, Cirus’s solution can reach millions of users through direct engagement with ISPs. Major contracts and partnerships are to be announced. 

With this strategy, Cirus can bring new users into the digital economy by way of their data assets that can then be used to open further avenues of wealth creation. This will bridge the adoption gap in crypto and will create new inroads into DeFi applications as the project expands. 

Why Hardware? 

A hardware-focused approach was chosen as an adoption strategy because it provides the opportunity to onboard millions of users onto the Cirus platform through contracts with ISPs. 

Adoption is key for the success of any platform, whether in crypto or otherwise, and many hardware-focused projects have failed in the past, primarily because they focused on a direct-to-consumer approach in which they would target individuals at a large scale. However, doing this without a massive marketing budget is unfeasible. 

The Cirus enterprise model, on the other hand, ensures baked-in adoption since Cirus engages directly with ISPs, and the ISPs create downstream markets with consumers. This approach helps the Cirus team focus on a handful of relationships with ISPs that pull in millions of users instead of having to manage millions of direct interactions with end-users. Cirus has also partnered with world-leading companies to ensure a steady rollout of Cirus hardware devices to supply chain issues and to ensure a smooth rollout of devices as adoption expands. 

Adoption and Data Monetization 

With Cirus, you can monetize the same piece of data again and again, maximizing value for the user. Blockchain is an important part of this equation since worldwide value remittances to users are practically impossible with traditional financial systems. 

Furthermore, one of the team’s primary objectives is to make the crypto space and the digital economy more accessible for everyone and clearing the adoption hurdle, which is currently one of the biggest challenges when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Everything from the team’s rollout strategy to the Cirus hardware and software platforms are designed to make it truly seamless for users to plug in and engage with the digital economy.

In the very near future, users will also be able to use the Cirus platform by downloading Virtual Cirus, which is a lite version of the hardware device. This will make it easier for users in different regions to quickly onboard themselves and start benefiting from their data.

Today, Big Data is collected, owned, and monetized by a handful of large organizations, mostly leaving users, who created the data, out of the equation. Cirus aims to flip the script and will put the user in control. It will allow them the option of deriving value directly from their data, and the Cirus hardware, software, and tokenized network solutions are the vehicles that will help make this vision a reality. 

Learn more about how the Cirus Foundation is empowering the ownership economy and helping private users unlock their greatest digital asset – their personal data – by visiting

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