Crypto’s Box Office Weekend Starter: Ethereum, Shiba Inu and HUH Token

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Crypto’s Box Office Weekend Starter: Ethereum, Shiba Inu and HUH Token

Their names are in lights today and it’s not surprising why, because it appears that crypto is about to have one of the biggest weekends in a history of Decembers.

Though with today’s release of HUH Token’s White Paper and its Monday launch (December 6th) there might be a new crypto box office hit this weekend and from what I and others have seen from the White Paper it’s likely going to be HUH Token!

Let’s take a quick look at what HUH Token’s White Paper has detailed for you and why HUH Token could be the new cryptocurrency that has you at its heart?

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An Equal Community

HUH Token aim to create a fair and equal community and there are some ways in which they’ve outlined how HUH and you are going to create this safe space together.

One of these ways are HUH Token’s sentiment tokens on MetHUH where rewards are given to holders for tone traits… like joy, compliments, congratulations, learning, grateful and the like.

This could demonstrate an old age adage of having open conversations where all HUH Nation can express and feel heard and represented.

Not only this but as a way of keeping HUH Token’s community safe, regulated, and continuously moving towards greatness by having HUH holders be able to propose ideas with the community through pull requests. This could revolutionise how cryptocurrency holders interact with MetaHUH and crypto in general.

HUH Token could also bring Ethereum lovers to a new world and that’s simply exciting.

A MetHUH-Verse

With the now-old-news of Facebook renaming themselves as Meta it caused a splash through the cryptocurrency world, especially for the likes of Shiba Inu, but it seems that HUH Token have managed to harness the power of influence, people and innovativeness.

HUH Token’s MetHUH was outlined and explained in their White Paper, and I blushed with excitement at it, because it gives HUH Token holder autonomy and that’s something rarely seen across social media.

The MetHUH is a part of HUH Token’s next steps after its December 6th launch and for that reason HUH Token is one to not only watch to possibly become a member in as well.

You can check out HUH Token’s White Paper today and discover the endless and fruitful possibilities that HUH Token has to offer now and in the future.

Currently you could become a presale holder in the continuously crunching hours before its Monday launch and if you’d like an extra 35% on top your deposit you could become a presale holder with $1000.

Why HUH Token, Shiba and Ethereum?

It’s easy to become swept up in a media storm and it’s hard to tell what clouds pass and what blue sky lies behind.

The likes of Ethereum and Shiba Inu have proven countlessly that they are blue-sky-cryptocurrency that exist beyond cloudy and turbulent days in the crypto market. And it could be clear from HUH Token’s presale success, launch buzz and White Paper brilliance that HUH Token is to become like, if not better than Shiba Inu and Ethereum.

HUH Token will launch this Monday coming, December 6th and with the buzz around its White Paper you might be missing out if you don’t become a HUH Token Holder.

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