Etihad Airways Launches EY-ZERO1, Its First NFT Collection

Etihad Airways Launches EY-ZERO1, Its First NFT Collection

The national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Etihad Airways, has unveiled its pioneer non-fungible token (NFT) collections. Accordingly, the new NFT collectible, dubbed “EY-ZERO1,” is modeled around ten 3D aircraft belonging to Etihad.

Etihad Introduces 3D-Modeled Aircraft Fleets

According to the Etihad statement, its NFT utility aeroplane series features ten 3D models, each showing the Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner Livery aircraft. Furthermore, the Abu Dhabi-based airline is also launching 2,003 limited editions of NFT collectibles to celebrate its founding anniversary.

Some of the collectibles will feature the English football club Manchester City, Etihad’s partners in the United Kingdom.

Tony Douglas, Group CEO of Etihad Aviation, noted that the company is excited about the recent launch of its first NFT collections. With this, virtual art collectors and travelers will experience a unique digital experience when flying with Etihad.

Douglas further added NFTs and other virtual assets are redefining the digital economy, and Etihad is proud to lead the way as the first airline to explore the virtual ecosystem. The airline will strive to explore other utilities to enhance its customer’s experience and scale its services.

By purchasing an NFT, holders will enjoy the benefits of being a member of Etihad Guest Silver for a year. In addition, ten NFT collection owners would qualify for complimentary Etihad Airways flight tickets.

Douglas noted that Etihad Airways is committed to building its brand presence in the Metaverse and launching more NFT collections.

Introducing EY-ZERO1

EY-ZERO1 is a Polygon blockchain-based NFT minted on the network as a digital product of Etihad Airways. To control carbon emissions, Etihad is in a partnership with Aerial. To track the carbon footprint of the NFT and ensure environmental conservation.

The airline pledged to offset the entire carbon footprint of the EY-ZERO1 project. In addition, Etihad revealed that it would channel all the proceeds from the NFT collections to buy the new sustainable aviation fuel.

With the EY-ZERO1 NFT, Etihad wants to display its entire aircraft fleet to show how valuable they have been to the airline’s continued success. Douglas reiterates that the NFT collections align with Etihad’s sustainable business outlook and zero-carbon drive.

The Web3 race among the Gulf region’s big players in the aviation sector is becoming interesting. The Emirates airline launched its NFT for its customers and staff in April this year. More than any other region in the world, the Middle East is taking the driving seat for Web3 adoption.

Since the start of the year, there has been a huge investment in the Metaverse space in the Middle East, driven by governments and private entities.

The city of Dubai is at the epicenter of massive investment in the digital space with the recent launch of a Metaverse hospital. Moreover, Dubai has a flexible and investor-friendly policy to expand its crypto and blockchain industries to lure international partners.

It is safe to say the world could brace itself for the dominance of the Middle East.

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