Flickto Partners With ADAX Pro To Initiate Public Sale Round

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Flickto Partners With ADAX Pro To Initiate Public Sale Round

Flickto may best be understood as the decentralized launchpad responsible for providing media financing to Cardano’s blockchain. Simply put, the initiative brings the everyday individual closer to the overall financing process of various media projects in addition to giving them control over which projects would be supported. 


In the past, Flickto had successfully launched an IDO (Initial DEX Offering) after much anticipation. Now, after a successful round of fundraising, Flickto has just unveiled a new partnership with ADAX Pro through which it shall be initiating its public sale round this coming Monday on the 10th of January, 2022. The round shall open at midday for those investors who possess 1,000 ADAX, staked within a locked ADAX pool, and these are also referred to as ADAX priority, after round eligible investors. The public round shall open 24 hours later on Tuesday for everyone else at midday GMT, and it shall end on Friday at the same time.

What is ADAX?

ADAX can be defined as an automated liquidity mechanism which allows for non-custodial as well as censorship-resistant transactions inside the Cardano ecosystem. It aims to eliminate the involvement of any centralised intermediaries by permitting token exchanges, offering enough asset liquidity, and reorienting the decentralized finance industry towards Cardano in general. Users of ADAX shall therefore be allowed to perform smart contract-oriented transactions immediately and at a fraction of what it would have cost if the Ethereum network was being utilised instead.

Regarding the aforementioned partnership with Flickto and the public sale round, this is in fact the inaugural public sale and IDO being offered by ADAX and it shall be operated through their respective launchpad. Needless to say, this is a significant milestone reached by both ADAX and Flickto as this will go a long way toward improving the Cardano ecosystem.

IDO details

Regarding the details of the Initial DEX Offering, the price shall remain as $0.009 for the priority round and $0.01 for the main public sale round. Furthermore, the tokens shall also be locked until the 1st of July.

Moreover, not only is this a massive collaboration for Flickto as ADAX has been quite successful in the past and so working with them shall certainly be beneficial, but Flickto’s community could also potentially gain access to their other various services and functionalities in the foreseeable future as well. Additional information can be found via the official website and Twitter channels.

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