SatoshiLabs: A Free to Use BTC Faucet

Rated 5 out of 5

Not to be confused with (the makers of the Trezor bitcoin hardware wallet), is a bitcoin faucet that rewards users for playing games and engaging in other activities on the platform. 

SatoshiLabs is free to use and does not require any form of initial investment for users to participate apart from their time and patience. Though at first sight, SatoshiLabs may seem like an abandoned project, the site is secured with SSL and has been around since 2018, with a proven track record of payments to users. The proof of payment is available on the site.

The native currency of SatoshiLabs is ‘labflasks’ 1,000 labflasks = $0.05 and the minimum withdrawal is 5,000 labflasks.SatoshiLabs processes payments via Faucethub and all earrings are sent to users’ wallets within 12 to 72 hours after a withdrawal request has been filed by a user.

SatoshiLabs has a three-star rating on Trustpilot out of a possible five stars. With some mixed reviews from users.  

“Super low paying compared to other sites. The owner offers less back on surveys than any other faucet. There are far better to waste time on. I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews about this faucet online, but it paid out fine to m. On-time as described too,” one user wrote on TrustPilot.

SatoshiLabs users can claim from 5 to 15 labflasks every five minutes on the platform (sometimes more). The earned labflasks can be used to purchase or upgrade buildings to earn more rewards on the platform.

One exciting aspect of the SatoshiLabs faucet is gaming. The platform enables users to build their chemistry labs for the production of labsflasks. Users do not necessarily need to understand the science of chemistry to participate. The more sophisticated a user’s chemistry lab is, the more labflasks it can produce per hour.

The SatoshiLabs chemistry labs consist of various ‘buildings,’ including ‘Bunkers,’ ‘Generators,’ ‘Food Crates’ ‘Technology,’ Tools, and Security. Each building is unique in its own way, in terms of the number of labflasks it can produce per hour.

For optimal production of labflasks, the buildings consume energy. Energy is gotten via credits which are received as rewards by each user for completing various tasks on SatoshiLabs. Additionally, credits can also be converted to lablasks or used to purchase or carry out upgrades on any of the in-game buildings.

However, it is important to maintain an energy level of 100 percent at all times, since labflasks manufacturing buildings cannot perform optimally without 100 percent energy. There’s also an ‘auto refill’ energy button on the site, that automatically purchases energy top-ups with the user’s earned credits. Buildings have a validity period of 90 days, after which a player must purchase a new building.

In addition to producing labflasks, there are several other ways of earning labflasks on SatoshiLabs, including via the faucet, which enables users to claim lablasks every five minutes (sometimes takes longer). There is also the chat feature, where users can find answers to some frequently asked questions, offerwalls, which allow users to complete paid tasks, a referral program, and more.