’s NFT Magic Box Launches BugPunk NFT Mystery Eggs

Press Releases’s NFT Magic Box Launches BugPunk NFT Mystery Eggs

Leading digital asset exchange,, has announced a partnership with BugPunks to launch their unique NFTs on’s dedicated NFT Magic Box platform. After the recent launch of NFT Magic Box’s ‘Official Portfolio’ certification programme, the company partnered with BugPunk to authenticate and launch on the platform in the form of Mystery Egg NFTs.

NFT Magic Box has continued to grow since being launched earlier this year. We recently launched our own OpenPunks series as one of the first community-driven NFT collections in the world, which has proven very successful with our users. Recently, we launched the ‘Official Portfolio’ certification programme together with blockchain interoperability, allowing popular NFT collections to be authenticated and traded on the platform, the first of which being Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC),” said Marie Tatibouet, Chief Marketing Officer at

By partnering with BugPunks, once again shows its commitment to the growth of the global NFT market. The company will allocate resources to promote the BugPunk Mystery Eggs NFTs, providing access to quality traffic, promotional material, and a dedicated creators fund. firmly believes in promoting artists and their artwork.’s NFT Magic Box Launches BugPunk NFT Mystery Eggs - 1

The BugPunks collection was created with environmental protection in mind, believing there are more sustainable ways for humans to interact with nature. BugPunks use a beetle pattern to highlight its focus and commitment to mother nature, hoping that the series of NFTs will inspire people to pay attention to the bond between humans and nature.’s NFT Magic Box marketplace has grown immensely since being launched earlier this year. Built on’s own GateChain ecosystem, the platform allows creators to mint new NFTs for free, cutting the barriers to entry and incentivising artists to focus on what they do best; create great art.

About BugPunks

BugPunks is an ecological protection project. The inspiration comes from the thought of a sustainable relationship between man and nature, with the vision of becoming an international NFT project. BugPunks uploads the collection of original beetle patterns to the blockchain network through GateChain, in the form of NFTs. BugPunks aims to encourage people to protect biodiversity, while at the same time, becoming a profitable asset.

About NFT Magic Box NFT Magic Box is the world’s first centralized NFT trading platform. It consists of two parts: a pioneering creation platform and an auction trading platform. The trading market covers collectible NFT works in a wide range of fields such as games, music, art, and sports. It supports auctions and immediate transactions, with the help of GateChain’s interoperable public chain as the main chain. GateChain is compatible with Ethereum ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols, as well as TRON TRC-721 and BTFS protocols. is committed to creating the world’s top NFT coin creation, promotion, and auction trading platform.


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