How carbon credits and crypto payments drive conservation efforts

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How carbon credits and crypto payments drive conservation efforts

C+Charge is a crypto project in the electric automobile business. It is an eco-friendly venture rewarding drivers of electric vehicles and encouraging the use of carbon-free electric automobiles.

The concept of carbon credits has been a part of the corporate industry for some time now. Therefore, to eradicate the excess carbon footprint by manufacturers, the government issued carbon emission grants. Companies or individuals with carbon credits can trade, earning rewards. 

Using this formula, CCHG (C+Charge) formulated a strategy. CCHG created a new blockchain that also serves as a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system. If an e-automobile driver uses a CCHG charger, they could get carbon credits on each refill. Credits received can be used or sold for fiat. 

Out of this drive, a new token called Green Cryptocurrency was also released. This release follows the project’s success after it brought in $11.7m two months after launching.

New formations with C+Charge

C+Charge’s strategy has forced investors to rethink, considering the potential of the Green Cryptocurrency.

This paved the way for C+Charge to sign its first partnership with one of Turkey’s electric leaders, The Perfect Solutions. The pact was between C+Charge’s lead strategic advisor and co-founder.

There are also plans to make the token deflationary. As such, C+Charge is engaged in token burning, including coins from its presale. Moreover, the platform is looking to integrate ethereum (ETH).

While there is an option to use cryptocurrency to acquire credits, new users can buy them using fiat. Those who are new can earn and learn about crypto investments at

Drivers and C+Charge

The growing nature of carbon credits brings C+Charge to its new venture; making it more accessible to new users.

Previously, it was only available to corporate conglomerates. However, this is changing. Carbon credits can be earned by e-automobile drivers every time they charge from any public C+Charge station. Loyal customers can also earn more credits through the project’s referral program. 

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