Introducing: LYO Earn, the New and Improved LYOTRADE Staking

Introducing: LYO Earn, the New and Improved LYOTRADE Staking

The staking service of LYOTRADE got an upgrade and a new name: LYO Earn. Find out what’s new on this version below. 

  • LYO Earn is the new LYOTRADE staking service. Users can access more staking pools and can choose various locking periods and annualized returns. 
  • Staking USDT and LYO will allow users to earn as much as 36% and 50% per year. 
  • Register and start staking now on

What is LYOTRADE? 

LYOTRADE is a cryptocurrency exchange. It is a regulated and licensed exchange that follows anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) procedures. While this is a centralized exchange, it also offers a DEX Swap service integrated via a third-party provider.

LYO Earn contains the classic features of LYOTRADE Staking which includes different lock periods, USDT and LYO staking, and the whopping 36% to 50% annual returns. 

What is Staking? 

Proof of Stake is a type of consensus mechanism, wherein users can stake their coins or tokens. When you stake your tokens on LYO Earn, they will be locked up for one year or two years, depending on your preference. Then, the protocol will randomly select a validator who will add a new block of transactions in the blockchain. In return, the chosen validator will receive rewards

Introducing: LYO Earn, the New and Improved LYOTRADE Staking - 1

Lock-up Period 

Users can choose between four different lock-up periods if they want to stake LYO Credit tokens and USDT. Each lock-up period has its corresponding interest rate, wherein the longer the lock-up period, the higher the return. 

Staking Pools

Introducing: LYO Earn, the New and Improved LYOTRADE Staking - 2

What is LYO Credit? 

Benefits of Staking on LYO Earn

Staking is a method of getting rewards for holding cryptocurrencies. It is like keeping crypto in the wallet for one or two years, but the difference is users earn generous token rewards when their crypto is staked. Simply leaving your crypto in your wallet untouched will not get you anything. Moreover, staking helps in validating transactions and boosting the network’s security and efficiency in processing transactions. 

How to Stake on LYO Earn 

Staking on LYO Earn is easy. Just select the staking pool you prefer and lock in at least the minimum amount of tokens. More tokens staked and longer lock-up period mean higher returns. Start staking LYO and USDT on LYO Earn now! 

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