KuCoin Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Listed Locktrip’s LOC Token

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KuCoin Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Listed Locktrip’s LOC Token

KuCoin is delighted to announce that they have listed Locktrip’s native currency, LOC. The LOC token is the transaction currency of Locktrip’s network and the main component to access its features.

Deposits are now possible utilizing KuCoin‘s Android and iOS apps or through their official website, www.kucoin.com. Trading pairs include LOC/BTC and LOC/ETH.

Other transactions such as buying will commence at 19:30 UTC+8 and selling/withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8.

About Locktrip

LockTrip is known to be the first hotels and vacation rentals marketplace with zero percent commissions. It is a marketplace for hotels and vacation rentals, comparable to Airbnb or traditional online hotel booking websites.

With LockTrip, hoteliers and independent property owners can rent their properties worldwide, accumulate money, and control bookings without paying commissions to any middlemen. Instead of an intermediary, LockTrip applies blockchain technology.

Today’s booking platforms are disreputable for their high charges. Airbnb, Hotels.com, and similar websites charge enormous fees, often to both the property owner and the company. The result is that these companies take from 20 percent to 30 percent of each sale executed on their platform.

KuCoin LOCKTrip

LockTrip raised $4.5 million in a token sale in November 2017. The alpha version of their platform was driven in February 2018. Presently, LockTrip provides access to over 100,000 hotels through its platform.

Highlights And Benefits

LockTrip features all of the following features and benefits:

Twenty Percent Lower Hotel Prices:

The usual booking platforms normally charge a fee of about twenty percent. That fee goes completely to a mediator. LockTrip intends to create a zero percent commission system that points to twenty percent lower hotel prices. Property owners receive the equivalent amount of money and guests pay less. Everybody gains.

Decentralized Engine:

LockTrip’s center technology consists of a decentralized booking engine, the LOC ledger. This ledger is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).


LockTrip will integrate a marketplace with the LOC ledger, enabling users to browse and arrange bookings through a simple UI efficiently.

Seamless Integration:

LockTrip emphasizes comfort of use for hotel and property owners. Anyone can add their short-term rentals or hotel rooms to the LockTrip platform employing a one-click integration system. That system permits property owners to import from existing listings or through a CSV import.

LOC Token

LockTrip tokens, or LOC, are the principal transfer method utilized on the LockTrip platform. Users can settle in fiat currency, and hotels can accept payments in fiat currency, but the currency will be carried into LOC tokens to facilitate cheap and seamless exchanges. That’s how LockTrip offers zero percent commissions.

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