LaneAxis Launches Staking through AXIS Token

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LaneAxis Launches Staking through AXIS Token

Newport Beach, CA, July 15 2021. LaneAxis, a blockchain-based, broker-free logistics platform that connects trucking companies directly to shippers, is now launching a staking program for AXIS Token holders. Staking for LaneAxis’ native digital asset will be live on July 15 at 10 AM PDT.  Staking helps secure the network infrastructure while providing participants with financial incentives for locking in their tokens for a set period of time. The staking program is being implemented in the Industry First Brokerless Direct Freight Network engineered by Blockchain and powered by AXIS Token. 

With the launch of staking on LaneAxis, holders of the AXIS token will have multiple options to “stake their claim.” For starters, there is no minimum or maximum amount an AXIS holder must  have in order to stake. 

Further, holders have the ability to stake multiple times on any available pool. Once the token capacity of the pool has been filled, that specific pool is closed. If there are any impending pools, they will directly be made available. 

AXIS holders may connect their Metamask wallet or use Wallet Connect to link from more than 20 wallets. 

The AXIS token is a unique utility ERC-20 token powered by the LaneAxis Network, as it represents tangible value in the trucking and logistics sector for load level data and real-time shipment insights. It is also utilized in the real-world economy by providing unprecedented and immutable industry data to interested third parties, such as insurance companies. Holders of the AXIS token have the ability to stake their tokens for a period of time, and earn profit from their contribution.  

Staking Pool and Allocation 

There are distinctive pools in which holders of the AXIS token can stake from, with a specific staking flow that should be followed. 

To start off, visit the Axistoken website 

Connect to a wallet

Stake tokens 

Yield generates 

Withdraw yield 

As mentioned above, users are allowed to connect their MetaMask Wallet or use Wallet connect, in order to have a wallet connection with more than 20 trusted digital wallets.

Holders have the ability to stake their tokens on distinctive pools. To learn more about the staking pools, please click here

To read the LaneAxis White Paper click here.

About LaneAxis 

LaneAxis is a blockchain-based, broker-free logistics platform that links drivers and shippers directly, by creating an all-in-one system that truck drivers can use for free to collect cargo, get paid, and look for work. LaneAxis is not new in the blockchain world. We have seen the significance and promise of digitizing industry-wide data more than four years ago, yet it remains non-existent from a network viewpoint to this day. LaneAxis, Inc. commenced operations in 2015, and AXIS Token International, a separate corporate organization, was established in 2017. Following execution of the smart contract, the AXIS Token was deployed on Etherscan in early 2019.

To learn more about the AXIS Token, visit

To learn more about LaneAxis, visit

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