Lucky Lion GameFi Partners with Alpaca Finance and LatteSwap Ahead of October 16 iGaming Launch

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Lucky Lion GameFi Partners with Alpaca Finance and LatteSwap Ahead of October 16 iGaming Launch

Lucky Lion GameFi joins Alpaca Finance, as well as unicorn-in-a-day, LatteSwap, becoming the first major exchange partner, ahead of its iGaming launch on October-16.

Lucky Lion has partnered with unicorn-in-a-day, LatteSwap, launching on Oct-12, becoming the exchanges first major partner, as well as with Alpaca Finance ($1.4Bn TVL) launching on Oct-14.

The partnerships introduce Lucky Lion to a highly engaged community of investors globally, particularly those located across Asia.

The partnerships come a few days before Lucky Lion’s iGaming kick-off on Oct-16, 2021.

Participating users can stake the native tokens to earn $LUCKY (Lucky Lion’s token), and use it to stake in Lucky Lion’s revenue sharing pool or play iGaming to win major jackpots each day.

The flexible nature of Lucky Lion allows the GameFi to quickly launch new gaming titles, vendors and even open to produce their own unique gaming experience much like Axie.

EL, Lucky Lion’s CEO, commented on the deal saying:

“The community response to the news has been overwhelmingly positive. Savvy investors understand the tremendous value these partners bring, as well as the long-term growth opportunity presented by a licensed gaming provider.”

Lucky Lion, is a newly launched GameFi, built on Binance Smart Chain, offering high APR yield farming (LUCKY-BUSD), next-gen fair play iGaming, and up to 9% platform revenue sharing.

Each game will feature a leaderboard, where exclusive collectable NFTs can be claimed, and in future iterations the NFTs will feature utility such as extra credit.

Additionally, Lucky Lion has been audited by four major auditors, including Certik, and their bug bounty with Immunefi is well underway, exemplifying their commitment to security.




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