Pornhub Prefers Verge Over Litecoin but Signals Wider Acceptance of Crypto

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Pornhub Prefers Verge Over Litecoin but Signals Wider Acceptance of Crypto

An adult entertainment streaming website and one of the largest pornography sites Pornhub has now declared an affiliation with Verge (XVG), formerly known as Dogecoin Dark. It will now accept the coin as payment for all purchases and also for purchases on Pornhub Premium production channels such as Brazzers and Digital Playground.

Porn Gets In on Crypto

Corey Price, Pornhub Vice president, expressed his views stating “it is not only exciting news for us and the adult industry, but also it’s exciting for the crypto space. We have been gazing at crypto, overall adoption is quite low, and we consider it has gained sufficient steam for us to come into the market.”

Pornhub has endorsed the partnership with a short video on YouTube which was shown along with a futuristic dialogue in the year 2077 amid a grandfather and his grandson in terms where Verge becomes the currency worldwide. Ahead of the promotional video on YouTube, Pornhub also confirms that the kick off will also be marked by events in Silicon Valley and New York City.

The founder of Verge, Justin Sunerok, supposed that Pornhub partnership will “signify huge market with a global reach that will clash with fiat currencies.” With litecoin as the payment cryptocurrency that first comes to mind for many crypto enthusiasts, Pornhub has different thoughts. The company’s twitter account seems to indicate that – for now – they have declined Charlie Lee’s offer:

Nevertheless, adoption of a cryptocurrency is good for the entire sector, according to Lee:

Earlier in March, Pornhub’s mysterious partner Verge asked its users to donate about $3 million worth of XVG to disclose the budding partnership. This confirmation regarding the partnership amid Pornhub and Verge was slated to be revealed on March 26. However, Verge postponed it to April 17.

The Fate of Verge is Undecided

It is quite clear that Verge cryptocurrency is trying to be anonymity focused and it is the reason you would think it is the most suitable for Pornhub’s business. However, a site linking IP addresses to Verge transactions emerged in January 2018, which contradicted the Verge team’s claims, and showed that the privacy offered is most likely no better than bitcoin, litecoin or many other altcoins.

Last year in December, when bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency market were on the rise, XVG was slumping. However, last month when most of the cryptocurrencies prices were plunging, the price of XVG started to tick higher and increased to a peak just above $0.113 on April 17.

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Source: OnChainFX

Following many delays from the cryptocurrency community the partnership is finally official now, and just after the announcement, the price of XVG dropped, trading near $0.067 at the time of writing.

The price drop could indicate that the Verge community may not be happy with the partnership. Many Verge fans were hoping for brands like Amazon, PayPal, and eBay, but not the internet pornography titan. However, the new partnership could end up being a good thing for cryptocurrency in general, getting its foot in the door into another industry.


Will Verge price continue to decline? You are welcome to share your views in comments below.

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