Presearch (PRE): A “Real” Search Engine for the People

Presearch (PRE): A “Real” Search Engine for the People

Search is not search anymore.

It looks like users invite trouble whenever they innocently “search.” Search engines of today are data sinks, most of the time illegally collecting thousands of terabytes of users’ data.

Blockchain may be a solution. Admittedly, decentralized solutions of the same have some catching to do. 

Presearch leads in this novel quest of bringing back search to “we the people.” The true owners of data.

The question is: How did we find ourselves in this position? Of complaints, of privacy intrusion, and search companies crunching free data generated from willing “guinea pigs”?

Search is now Marketing

The thing is, Google or Bing search is no longer search as aforementioned, but rather “marketing refinement.” Addition to the many test points for enhancing marketing algorithms. 

In Google’s case, inquiries feed their Google AdWords machines. It has even emerged that Google, being a technology company and a leader in marketing, intentionally doesn’t show real organic search results above the advert fold. 

When inquiries are made, a user would love to see what they expect. Not anymore, it seems.

The situation is even worse for marketers. Those who don’t pay or play by their rules won’t appear on the top pages. Getting there means spending big dollars and takes months, if not years if you don’t dance to their tune.

This explains why it appears that leading search engines are progressively getting worse with time, not functioning as expected but ladened with adverts, affecting users’ experience. 

They are becoming bots to feed marketing tools algorithms designed to churn out advertisements, collect data, and market their company’s assets.

For these concerns, more people are moving on to “real search engines,” sticking to their initial objectives. 

Presearch is a Community-Powered Search Engine

Presearch runs on Ethereum. Its creators are responding to the community’s feedback and are building a real search engine that works for the people. 

The app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

Here’s the interesting bit: When a user searches, he/she gets paid in PRE token.

The platform is open-source, public, and rewards community members who use, contribute or promote the search engine.

Their vision statement mentions a desire to provide users with an alternative search engine that doesn’t dictate “where most of us learn, engage and spend our valuable attention and resources.”

Creators of the project are aware that Google and centralized versions have a head start. They even add that improving on competitor’s—especially Google’s, results, integration, and general experience, would be insurmountable.

Nonetheless, they are optimistic and remain ambitious.

They are pinning their success on the community. They have launched a solution that fulfills their search engine needs with an incentivization model that aligns with humanity’s interest—not just for one company. Their search engine is adaptable, modern, and yet is controlled by the community.

By using a public chain and adopting an open-source approach, there is a level playing ground for content creators. 

Besides, this arrangement ensures that everyone’s interests are aligned, especially during decision-making. 

In addition to this, PRE token holders can vote on various development projects helping continuously improve the platform.

PRE Token and the Presearch Ecosystem

At the heart of Presearch is the PRE token

Besides the searching functionality, users can run nodes and can keyword stake allowing advertisers to bid on keywords using PRE for their adverts to be displayed. The higher the stake, the higher the chances of ads being shown. 

Nodes supply the necessary computing power and can be installed on any computer or server that runs on Docker. All node operators receive PRE tokens as compensation.

Additionally, there is the Presearch marketplace which has enabled keyword and node stakers. Here, PRE tokens are bought from the platform using BTC, ETH, or USD. 

Presearch RoadMap

In Q2 2021, Presearch plans to activate the Keyword Staking explorer that provides analytics around the keyword staked and their performance. 

Furthermore, Presearch will introduce Ad Targeting and Reporting enhancements for better targeting options and enhancement for advertisers during the same period. 

Later on, by Q3, they will roll out indexing nodes, the Ad Abuse Mining feature to weed out adverts that violate their terms of service, and Data Sharing Rewards for users who opt-in to personalization.

Dalmas Ngetich

Dalmas is a very active blockchain and cryptocurrency content creator and highly regarded Technical Analyst. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and an activeTrader, whose first encounter with Bitcoin was in 2015—and by accident. Ever since, it has been an exciting journey where life-long friendships have been forged, and careers made and strengthened.