Revolution in! We Are Testing the New Version of the No.1 Crypto Margin Trading Platform

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Revolution in! We Are Testing the New Version of the No.1 Crypto Margin Trading Platform

The margin trading platform has recently experienced a real revolution. The team has been preparing to implement the new version of its platform for the last few months, and we had the opportunity to test it.

The new platform is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms specialising in margin trading and staking. In recent months, it has been possible to increase the volumes on the platform and issue the GEC token – the official platform utility token. This time, the creators from Poland decided to make a revolution. undergone a significant renovation, and we had the opportunity to test its new possibilities.

Revolution in! We Are Testing the New Version of the No.1 Crypto Margin Trading Platform - 1

As the team comments, the changes made to the platform are user-centred. The platform’s use and services are pleasant and straightforward for the user, even when such innovative solutions and functionalities are new to the user. Many of the recent improvements were introduced mainly thanks to the suggestions “from the users”, to which the team, as emphasized, is always open. aspires to catch up with the largest crypto exchanges on the market and the constant desire to improve the user experience.

New functionalities and possibilities

The new feature of is primarily related to the GEC token. Token hodlers can now make deposits in GEC (but also in BTC, ETH and USDT) and use the GEC token for trading and staking. As we described earlier, Gecoin – because this is the full name of the’s cryptocurrency, allows subscriptions paid with the GEC token, which reduces transaction fees by 20%. The subscription also allows access to the staking of BTC, ETH, GEC and USDT, rewarding hodlers up to 8% APR.

The second significant improvement is the acceleration of quotations of available instruments. is a platform specialising in margin trading with a leverage of 100: 1. The team had already abandoned the order book in favour of an external liquidity provider to run ever smoother.

“With such large leverage, we want to give our users the ability to efficiently price instruments and to open and close positions instantly. Time and precision in this market are crucial,” we read in the announcement.

The third aspect of the improvements – the interface.

Before the update, was one of the most accessible platforms in terms of appearance. once again focuses on the possibility of customising the view of charts for your own needs while simplifying the view. For people who like to work after dark, the team introduced day and night modes as part of the new layout of the dashboard.

A step in the right direction

The creators of emphasise that they want the platform to be safe for users to store and multiply their funds, opting for the highest-class security through cooperation with Bitgo.

The changes introduced in the platform are plenty, and there is more to come.

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