Safemoon V2 Countdown Begin, While This Coin Is Attracting More Of Safemoon Community Members

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Safemoon V2 Countdown Begin, While This Coin Is Attracting More Of Safemoon Community Members
Fast DeFi protocol development
Automated token buyback and burning
Attractive investors’ rewards

Safemoon V2 has been the widely anticipated comeback for the already plummeting coin. However, Safemoon V2 is coming when there are already tough competitors in DeFi. In fact, some of the coins are already attracting Safemoon community members.

One of the biggest Safemoon V2 competitors is the Bitrise coin, a still mooning crypto coin that has captured the crypto community’s attention. It is one of the widely discussed tokens in the crypto market due to the fast accomplishments the team has achieved in a short time.

Bitrise coin entered the market on 28th July 2021 when BRISE token was launched. This is about five months after Safemoon had launched. It is a DeFi protocol just like Safemoon, but it has accomplished so much despite being 5 months younger.

The fast building of the decentralized financial (DeFi) is one of the things making this coin a tough Safemoon V2 competitor. In just three months after the token launch, the team has developed Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audi, and dApp wallet, major products in the Bitrise ecosystem. V2 has only a wallet running in the ecosystem so far.

The fast development means the project will complete faster, and thus investors will get their returns on investment sooner. Safemoon’s slow development of the products on its roadmap has been the reason its community members are joining Bitrise coin. The project is making the same product and promises an early delivery, which is making it more appealing than V2.

Both tokens are hyper-deflationary. So tokens in the liquidity pool depreciate with every token buy. A part of the tax collected for the transactions on their ecosystems is used for buying back tokens in the pool and burning them. Bitrise has automated the burning process while Safemoon V2 is doing it manually.

The automated burning is making Bitrise coin more transparent, a factor that is attracting more crypto investors, including Safemoon community members. Unlike the competition, the automated burning increases the transparency of the liquidity pool management, which is what crypto investors are looking for.

Recently, Bitrise announced the staking process, slated for launch in the first week of December 2021. This has been a huge milestone for this crypto project, yet Safemoon V2, an older DeFi project, is yet even announced anything to do with staking. The staking process has attracted thousands of Safemoon community members who have joined Bitrise coin over the last few weeks.

Bitrise has also made big moves to ensure that the BRISE token is more accessible to crypto investors. At the time of this writing, the token was listed on MEXC Global, LBank and Bitmart exchanges. There is so much that Bitrise coin is offering that makes it superior to Safemoon V2 as a DeFi project. Follow Bitrise social medial platforms for the latest updates, including the upcoming staking process!



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