SatoWallet (SATOS) Tokenizes, Investors to Earn 40 Percent Monthly Dividend from Trading Fees

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SatoWallet (SATOS) Tokenizes, Investors to Earn 40 Percent Monthly Dividend from Trading  Fees

SatoWallet, one of the premier multi-asset cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is pleased to announce the tokenization of the company. The tokenization will entitle SatoWallet (SATOS) token holders to receive 40 percent of the exchange’s monthly trading fee profits. The payout will be done in bitcoin (BTC).

Impressive History with Leading Market Players

Founded in May 2017 as a multi-asset wallet app, SatoWallet now boasts of over 35,000 daily active users and cohesive partnerships with many leading players in the crypto world – including Tron, Changelly, Digibyte, among others.

SatoWallet has now taken its services a level further and transformed itself from a wallet app to a full-scale trading app with a slew of features and incentives for the users. Some of the features offered by the app include wallet staking, fiat settlement, and SMS transactions. More can be read about it on their official website.

Currently, the SatoWallet trading app is available across all the popular platforms with highly favorable reviews from its satisfied base of users. The app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows platform, having a healthy daily transaction volume of $5 million.

Features of the SATOS Token

The Satowallet Exchange Token (SATOS) is the app’s native token to facilitate trading transactions. SATOS will also act as the unit asset representing the ownership of the company.

The total supply of SATOS is limited to ten million units, which ensures that the value of the token will only increase in the future and provides maximum profits to its holders, as the app’s users purchase an increasing number of tokens.

SATOS token

SATOS will perform the following functions on the cryptocurrency trading platform:

  1. Base currency for all the crypto tokens listed on SatoWallet Exchange.
  2. Holders of SATOS will have the power to vote for the new assets to be listed on
    SatoWallet Exchange.
  3. SATOS can be used as a payment means for the SatoWallet ICO platform which helps new and budding digital currencies projects to carry out a successful crowdfunding campaign.
  4. SATOS holders are also entitled to receive a 40 percent monthly dividend share in bitcoin of the monthly exchange trading fee profits.
  5. SATOS ensures zero transaction fees to holders.
  6. SATOS is primed to be the gas of the soon to be launched SatoWallet Decentralized

How do the Monthly Dividend Earnings Work?

The calculation of monthly dividend receivable by SATOS holders is quite straightforward.
Suppose John buys 16,000 SATOS during the on-going sale of the token at 22 percent discount, i.e., $0.39/SATOS. At press time, the 24 hours trading volume at SatoWallet is a healthy 3913.12 BTC.

As the firm charges a trading fee of 0.25 percent on transactions, it shoots the daily transaction fee profit to 9.78 BTC and generates an impressive monthly profit of 293.48 BTC.

Owning SATOS tokens will enable the holders to get a part of the 40 percent share of the 293.48 BTC monthly profit – which means that 117.40 BTC will only be distributed among SATOS holders according to the volume they hold.

As the upper limit of SATOS is fixed at 10 million, each unit of the SATOS token is entitled to 0.0000117 BTC. Therefore, a user who holds 16,000 SATOS will receive 0.1872 BTC for the month, while still having the ownership of his SATOS intact.

How to Participate in the SATOS Token Sale?

The SATOS token sale is live on the SatoWallet website. The app is also offering lucrative discounts in the sale making now the perfect time for the interested investors and users to partake and start earning dividends instantly.

SATOS Amount Raised

The sale has received a tremendous response from the public, as more than 3,000 investors have participated in the SATOS sale in less than three weeks.

SatoWallet’s investment paper can be read here. SATOS can be bought with any of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market – including BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and DOGE.

More can be learned about SATOS’s benefits from this video.

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