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Smart Tokenization with Ari10

Ari10 is a company with an established position on the Polish market and is just about to start expanding abroad. There is still plenty of market space in every country. In order to achieve its goals, Ari10 is planning a public sale of its token at the end of October 2021. This is just part of a broad marketing and research plan.

“We are not doing this for the money because our financial health is very good,” says Mateusz Kara, CEO of Ari10.

Tokenization of Ari10

Ari10 is planning to release its token at the end of October 2021. Currently, the seed and private sale rounds have been completed. The date of the public sale round will be announced very soon.

Interestingly, Ari10’s tokenization goals are quite surprising. The CEO of the company, Mateusz Kara, openly says that it is not about raising money to finance the company’s growth. Ari10 has been doing very well on the market for over 4 years. So why create a token? Kara answers – for the community:

“It’s not about money. We are building a smart fan base. We are building a community. Tokenization is a way to communicate to the world about our unique solutions and it’s better than traditional marketing. Ari10 will build an intelligent community.”

Such goals are consistent with Ari10’s long-term development perspective, which focuses on supporting and maintaining long-term relationships with business partners. Their success is the success of Ari10. Token is a form of strengthening these relationships and creating an engaged community. Thus, the inverse is also true: if Ari10 is successful, the token holders will be richer!

“I don’t care about the easy hype. Our aim is to attract business companies and cooperate together for years. If somebody is interested in Bitcoin now during the early adoption phase it means that somebody is seriously thinking about the future. That’s all.” – Kara adds.

An additional benefit of releasing the token on the open market is the research aspect. Depending on the geographical regions where interest in the Ari10 product will be greatest, the company plans to expand into their local markets. Such a strategy will help establish contacts with specific people and regions, and the token will become the best promoter of their rich offering.

About Ari10

Ari10 builds a secure bridge between traditional finance and the new world of crypto investing. What’s more, the company provides a comprehensive product suite. It includes ready-made solutions for all the difficulties a business investor may face when entering the crypto market.

Ari10 is well aware of the needs of individuals and institutions entering the crypto space, as it has been operating in the market for over 4 years. It works with many big names in traditional finance, such as KIR, as well as in the crypto world, such as Binance and Nethone.

About Ari10 ecosystem

Ari10’s motto is: “All your crypto products in one place!” The products developed by Ari10 allow affiliates to monetize many aspects of their own business (experience, connections, website traffic). The Ari10 ecosystem already includes:

– BitcoinWidget: a tool for monetizing websites that uses the affiliate model. Integration using API key. Website visitors can anonymously buy Bitcoin without leaving the browser.

– CryptoTerminals: more than 100 physical sale points in Poland, and beyond.

– Bitcan Exchange: online and offline physical crypto exchange with low commission.

– Payment institution: license and law security for crypto-fiat payments.

– LitpayID: scaling, data management and users validation software.

– Cooperation with Taxo: we officially cooperate with one of the best accounting offices in Poland. They are experts in crypto and blockchain space.

Join the Ari10 community today and learn more about the project!

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