The CODI Ecosystem Announces Integration With Chainlink

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The CODI Ecosystem Announces Integration With Chainlink

CODI Finance, an “innovative” DeFi ecosystem aims to become a fully decentralized ecosystem by providing its users with innovative decentralized financial products and creating a governance structure in which users run and manage the platform.

The platform governance is designed in such a way that the CODI community can vote on new features and any integration that will be beneficial to the community.

The Solana-powered CODI Ecosystem includes distinct features such as:

–  IDO Launchpad DEX

–  NFT Marketplace

–  Decentralized Lending platform

–  DAO Governance Model

–  Fully customizable Vesting Protocol

Why Chainlink?

CODI’s integration with chainlink provides the platform with access to high-quality price feeds, which helps ensure that features like IDO pools and staking pools are secure and not tampered with. Chainlink will assist the CODI ecosystem in developing multi-layered defenses against attacks and potential system failures. Because Chainlink is one of, if not the, most dependable oracle solutions in the industry, this integration is a huge boost to the growth of CODI Finance. Chainlink is a leading Oracle provider that has secured billions of dollars in funding for top DeFi projects. Chainlink has assisted several DeFi projects in remaining secure in the face of flash crashes, exchange downtime, and other attacks.

Here are some of the key features that Chainlink price feeds:

Secure Node Operators: Chainlink price feeds are highly secure and tamper-proof. They are protected by independent oracle nodes operated by the best and most dependable blockchain DevOps teams and enterprises.

Quality Data: Chainlink price feeds are sourced from a range of premium data aggregators that receive data from hundreds of exchanges.

Solid Reputation Framework: Chainlink has a solid reputation framework that allows users to check current prices and verify the performance of price feed networks in the past.

The integration of CODI with chainlink proves the platform’s commitment to building a fully decentralized ecosystem that will stand the test of time.

The CODI private sale is still underway and will conclude on October 31st. The project is offering CODI tokens for $0.02 per token with a four-month vesting period and $0.03 per token without a vesting period in this private sale. To participate in the private sale and obtain tokens, please contact CODI’s sales team at [email protected]

Anyone who is interested in the CODI Ecosystem and its evolution can go to their newly launched website.

You can also join the community by following them on their social media channels:




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