VR Soldier Mark Arguinbaev EXPOSED For Attempting To Blackmail HUH Token

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VR Soldier Mark Arguinbaev EXPOSED For Attempting To Blackmail HUH Token

The VR Soldier website claims to be a dedicated VR news outlet that aims to bring ‘a variety of educational content and become a valuable resource’ for their readers. Yet, funnily enough, the same website is launching hate campaigns against businesses and individuals in the hopes to extort them. Currently, The VR Soldier is attempting to drag a new cryptocurrency, HUH Token, through the mud. Chief-editor Mark Arguinbaev has released two articles claiming that HUH Token is a scam. 

Below is a snippet from his article ‘Huh Token Is Still a Scam, Proof of Email Harassment.’

VR Soldier Mark Arguinbaev EXPOSED For Attempting To Blackmail HUH Token - 1

Mark Arguinbaev is accusing HUH Token of luring victims to steal their money when Mark Arguinbaev is actually trying to blackmail HUH Token to steal their money. Check out the following email that Mark sent to HUH Token.

VR Soldier Mark Arguinbaev EXPOSED For Attempting To Blackmail HUH Token - 2

If a company proclaims itself to be an educational news outlet and then attempt to extort people, then the entire foundation of that company is farcical.  The writers on this website do not appear to be trying to educate people, they are a platform built on greed, and this email exposes The VR Soldier writers’ true intentions.

Mark Arguinbaev’s articles seem to tangent away from the purely educational standpoint the website claims to adhere to. But, unfortunately, the reality is that he is another keyboard warrior with a vendetta against evidence-backed projects, taking advantage of start-up currencies while pretending to be a hero. 

The presence of fake news on the internet is unavoidable. However, creating a platform, proclaiming it to be educational just to attempt to extort people, is dishonest behaviour. Mark Arguinbaev, JP Buntinx and the rest of The VR Soldier team should revise the ethos of their website if they wish to continue producing articles of this nature. They are not crypto enthusiasts; they have used extortionary tactics to syphon money from a cryptocurrency with audits and a release date.   

HUH Token’s smart contract has been audited by Certik, Solidity Finance and Shellboxes. Each of these are reputable auditors.




HUH Token has just released their website, where you can see their open and honest plans for the future and any other information you should want to know. Also, they have committed to a Multibridge launch of $500,000 PancakeSwap and $500,000 liquidity in Uniswap. So, an impressive total of $1 million of liquidity is being put behind HUH Token at launch on 6th December, to put this number into perspective, Safemoon launched with just $200,000 total liquidity.

The cryptocurrency is putting a lot of effort into reassuring its investors, and they have also just been published on Eden Reforestation Project’s website. 

In Conclusion

The VR Soldier is ill-informed at best and slanderous at worst. The company will use their traffic as leverage against other people and companies. Criticism is an essential part of uncertain markets such as crypto. However, due diligence is necessary if publishing said criticisms. 

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