White Whale Announces Details of Pylon Launch

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White Whale Announces Details of Pylon Launch

White Whale’s launch sequence officially began on November 22,  with the opening of our UST pools on Pylon Gateway. Fifty (50) million WHALE tokens, 5% of the total supply, has been initially deposited into the pools.

As one looks at the tokenomics and launch break down, one can see the following:

– Similar to most other Pylon launches, there will be 3 pools (6, 12, and 18 month pools). 

– Each pool will be unlocked halfway through its vesting period and depositors can begin claiming tokens. 

– The distribution will be as follows: 

1) 5 million WHALE (10%) in the 6 month pool

2) 12.5 million WHALE (25%) in the 12 month pool

3) 32.5 million WHALE (65%) in the 18 month pool

– The initial pre-market valuation of WHALE tokens for this event was set at $0.05, or $50 million FDV.

White Whale has allocated 10% of its total supply to pre-sale and 10% to community IDO events, thus assigning 20% of total supply or 200 million tokens to various public distribution events, over double what was sold to private investors. Up to 50% (100 million) of those tokens may be distributed via Pylon Protocol.

Depending on community demand and overall market conditions, White Whale is set to potentially increase the allocation in the initial pools at a later date, or introducing new pools that can be funded by yLUNA when that functionality becomes available on Pylon. 

Any of the IDO token allocation that remains unsold after community distribution events are complete may also be burned or re-assigned to the treasury. Overall, the team from White Whale is excited about the opening of their Pylon pools and believe it is a great way for any investor to accumulate a long term bag of WHALE at good price levels and without risk of loss. As it is lossless yield farming no KYC will be required, so the pools will be open to everyone.

Discover more:

Website: https://www.whitewhale.money

Lightpaper: https://www.whitewhale.money/Litepaper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhiteWhaleTerra

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