With an Upsurge in Crypto Exchange Trading Turnover, PointPay Has Reached $50 Million at the End of 2021

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With an Upsurge in Crypto Exchange Trading Turnover, PointPay Has Reached $50 Million at the End of 2021

The trading turnover of the PointPay crypto exchange has extended by $50 million, reaching a growth of 203% year on year. Meanwhile, as the company’s annual report announces, the number of monthly active users hit 200 thousand, being boosted by 343% more than in the previous year.

Over the past six months, the Company’s token was listed on four exchanges: BitGlobal (formally Bithumb), Bitrue, Bittrex Global, and WhiteBIT. Notably, solely for the listing on the  Bitrue and Bittrex Global, PXP’s trading volume of the Company has expanded up to $10 million in December 2021. 

The improvement and growth of the services offered on the platform allowed the volume of downloads to boost up to 100 thousand for both Android and iOS Apps. This also reflected on the growth in user visits, reaching one million for our web, iOS, and Android products.

“In 2022, we are planning to focus on improving the platform’s security, developing new products, such as margin, futures, and options trading,  and introducing our own NFT and ICO listing platforms. Company will continue to steadily focus on aggressive marketing and multiplying our customer base.” – said the PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev.

Company Profile

PointPay company builds an ecosystem, which includes the following products: 

– PointPay Blockchain-based bank (clients earn daily compound interest % on their holdings in cryptocurrencies);

– PointPay Crypto Loans;

– PointPay Crypto Debit Cards;

– PointPay Crypto Exchange with the custom design layout for traders and simplified cryptocurrency conversion option;

– PointPay Crypto School with video tutorials for traders;

– PointPay Crypto Wallet designed for daily use by monitoring cryptocurrency price change in customer’s portfolio;

– PointPay Payment System letting customers settle the payments with their bank cards, SEPA, and bank transfers;

– PointPay Mobile applications for iOS & Android. 

In 2022 Point Pay was authorised as Operator of deposit virtual currency funds / Virtual currency exchange operator in Lithuania for one of its affiliated companies in Lithuania that allows to offer services of crypto exchange (crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions, crypto exchange, and other services) for the users in Europe.

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