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CryptoWallet is a crypto exchange platform founded in 2018 and focuses on developing disruptive products and solutions to usher in a cashless society. On its main website, CryptoWallet explains that it is challenging mainstream finance and wants everyone to join them. 

Company Overview

CryptoWallet exchange platform is one of the most recent crypto exchanges. Its platform is available in both Mobile app and website formats. It was founded in 2018 and is led by its CEO Aleksandr Pacha. It is based in Estonia. 

The exchange also has an internal crypto wallet called CryptoWallet to help users hold their assets safely.

Cryptos and Services Offered by CryptoWallet

One of the biggest misdoings of CryptoWallet is offering a small range of crypto assets to its users. While it is understandable that the exchange is trying to protect its users from trading risky assets, it should increase the available alternatives.

The supported cryptos are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Tether (USDT)

It also supports several payment methods, including:

  • SEPA
  • Card
  • BACS
  • FPS
  • Mobile 

Key Features of CryptoWallet Exchange Platform

Refund policy: Some of the major and earliest crypto exchanges are hard to cope with since they lack refund policies. CryptoWallet seeks to build on this misdoing by introducing a refund policy. However, a refund can only occur to deposit funds that weren’t under any type of trade but were not credited to a user’s wallet.

AML policy: CryptoWallet is strict with its AML policies to curb financial foul play. It encourages its users to pass through the regulations from time to time as its team is actively updating it.

Free crypto wallet: The exchange has a free crypto wallet that allows its users to store cryptos safely while not trading on the site. The wallet is secured by Bitgo, the same company that secures Paxful’s wallet.  

User-friendly interface: CryptoWallet has a simple user interface that allows for easy trading of crypto assets. 

Customer Support Service and Trading Experience at Crypto Wallet

Customer Support Service

CryptoWallet offers a simple customer support service structure where one has to reach out to the helpdesk through a chatbot or email. After that, one is assigned an attendant to help through the arising issues.

Trading Experience

The overall trading experience at CryptoWallet is satisfying since there are working payment methods and a simple user interface. However, the site has more work to do to increase the range of the supported assets, viable payment methods, new types of crypto trades, and improve its customer support services.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple user interface
  • Clear AML and KYC policies
  • Free crypto wallet


  • A small range of supported cryptos
  • Few payment methods
  • Limited customer support services methods
  • Lacks advanced crypto trade types: The exchange lacks advanced crypto trade types like margin and futures trading, beloved to experienced traders.

Final Thoughts

CryptoWallet is a good fit for new crypto traders as it puts everything in a simplistic way that avoids confusion and doubts. It also has active customer support services and fast deposit/withdrawal services. However, the site should focus more on adding new trade types, listing new assets, adding new payment methods, and offering more customer support service options.