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750 000

Unique visitors per month on average

2 700 000

Page views per month on average

24 800

Facebook Audience

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72 300

Twitter Followers

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50 300

Telegram Audience

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29 000

Alexa Rank stats


27.5% 25-34
33.5% 34-44
15.5% 45-54
12.5% 55-64
5.5% 65+


65.54% Others 15.01% Finance > Investing 8.38% Business and Industry 7.13% News and Media 2.67% Arts and Entertainment 1.1% Construction and Maintenance



> 20 formats for audience interactions


Listing in an article made of a list such as “Top 5 DeFi Project to watch in 2022”.

Advertise - 1

Press Release

Press releases are found in a special spot on the home page as well as in the news feed.

Advertise - 2

Sponsored Article

A news story about your company.

Advertise - 3

Your Token Ad (Price Ticker)

Your coin will be added on our header as one of the top cryptocurrencies.

Advertise - 4

Project Review

In-depth review of your project done by our best authors.

Advertise - 5

Your Platform Ad (Free Bitcoins) 

Get yourself a place in a special section.

Advertise - 6

Opinion Article

Articles written by us, but published under your name.

Advertise - 7

Banner Advertisement

A classical choice for the best marketing results.

Advertise - 8


Interview with your team member.

Advertise - 9

Sponsored Button

Buttons with call to action in the most visible parts of the website.

Advertise - 10

Altcoin Explorer

In-depth review of your Altcoin done by our best authors.

Advertise - 11

Link Insertion

Get mentioned in one of our existing articles.

Advertise - 12

Newsletter sponsorship

Your logo and link in our weekly newsletter

Advertise - 13

the talking points

Put our experienced advertising team to work for you.

Create advertising solutions for your business that will offer maximum impact and promote your brand to your target audience. Web advertising is especially effective in promoting new financial companies, projects, and services. A properly placed, vivid, high-quality advertisement, combined with the right information, will earn more clicks and visitors than legacy campaigns.

Instant Reach

With over 20,000 push notifications, 60,000 followers on Twitter, 24,000 on Facebook, 50,000 on telegram we get the word out quick. More importantly, these are people regularly active in the blockchain space and always on the lookout for new technologies and trends.

International Syndication

Many news partners republish our content reaching an even wider audience, including Google News, Bing News, Apple News, Cryptopanic, World news, News360 App, NewsDog App, Steemit and many others.


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