Who is Paul Le Roux?

Paul Calder Le Roux is a controversial figure. He is one of many linked to the pseudonym- Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

He was a former computer programmer who later became a cartel boss. His operations were surprising to the authority as he had a mode of decrypting his communications. 

Theories Suggesting Le Roux is Satoshi

While some have outrightly come out to claim to be the founder of Bitcoin, the suggestion that Le Roux is Satoshi stems from his genius innovation called E4M. It is an open-source disk encryption platform. Truecrypt, a fork of E4M, has also been linked to him. A credit he has since denied. It will also be added that the filing, Document 187 of one Craig Wright, who claimed to be Satoshi has an unredacted footnote that links to the Wikipedia page of Paul Le Roux. 

Another theory was an Identity card of Le Roux posted by an anonymous user on 4chan. The Congo Republic ID card had the full name- Solotshi Calder Le Roux Paul. However, the anonymous user suggested that Le Roux created Bitcoin for the sole purpose of laundering illicit money made from his drug dealings. The name “SOLOTSHI” on his identity card looks like SATOSHI. Paul’s arrest on September 26, 2012, is also linked to the disappearance of Satoshi from the public eye in 2010.

Finally, in 2020, Paul told a Federal judge in Manhattan, Ronnie Abrams, about his idea of starting a business that would host and sell bitcoin miners. He revealed that he created a custom ASIC that will aid mining bitcoins at a fast rate, which no other design has achieved. He said this to prove that he would no longer use his computer genius for crimes. 

Young Paul Le Roux

He was born on December 24, 1972, in Zimbabwe.

Most of his childhood history is surrounded by mysteries, as sources don’t divulge much except for the fact that he was adopted and moved around African countries by his foster parents due to a political crisis.

And also the fact that he had a flair for computers and a knack for business at a tender age. It was also observed that he has little or no regard for authorities and has always condemned the control of individual finance. This is one reason he was linked to being the creator of bitcoin. 

From Programmer to Cartel Leader

Le Roux’s computer programming genius was converted to an evil genius whom he used to perpetrate illicit dealings. His technical expertise gave rise to RX Limited. The RX software program has a genius modus operandi. It functioned as a service that advertised itself in a way that evaded spam filters that created new websites to prevent the ban.

The website targets customers who fill out questionnaires that reveal their medical condition. Information gathered is then forwarded to a doctor who will make a list of prescriptions, and RX will ship them to the patients. Both the doctor and distributors had their commission. This mode of operation became very successful and contributed to the opioid drug crisis in the U.S.