3space Art Launches First-of-its-Kind NFT as a Subscription Service

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3space Art Launches First-of-its-Kind NFT as a Subscription Service

3space Art has rolled out a new NFT as a subscription service that makes it possible for people to decorate their spaces with digital art. With 3Space, creators of digital art can now display their works at physical locations in the real world the same way artists showcase their paintings during art exhibitions.

3space Art Giving NFTs a New Meaning

3space Art, a South Korean blockchain and Metaverse ecosystem is aiming to revolutionize the world of digital art with distributed ledger technology (DLT) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by extending the presence of digital collectibles beyond just websites and social media platforms.

Per sources close to the company, 3space Art claims to be focused on making it possible for digital artworks powered by NFTs to be displayable in a vast array of spaces in the real world, such as galleries, museums, homes. TVs, and others.

3space describes itself as a “virtual gathering place inhabited by remote users, sharing a common goal to make digital art more accessible in the real world.” In the 3space ecosystem, artists and collectors of digital collectibles are encouraged to share their unique works and “forge a cooperative community to attract audiences outside the Metaverse,” the team explains.

The 3space Marketplace and Art Pool 

3pace comes with a digital collectibles marketplace that allows anyone to purchase digital artworks in the form of NFTs. The team says the collectors of these NFTs receive ownership rights of the pieces and these NFTs can be staked in the 3space Art pool for juicy rewards in $PACE tokens, the team explains.

In the same vein, the primary objective of the 3space Art Pool is to incentivize artists, creators of digital art, and collectors to showcase their creations in offline events and exhibitions. Owners of digital arts who stake their NFTs in the Art Pool for exhibition during a commercial online or offline event receive part of the proceeds generated by the pool.

To make its mission of bringing NFTs to real-world spaces possible, the 3space team plans to collaborate with various offline venues and event organizations to showcase these digital masterpieces.

If all goes as planned, the team says the digital artworks will be beamed on TVs, digital art frames, signage, and other electronic displays in urban areas and operators of these devices will be “able to find and display artworks suitable for the space by looking at the Art Pool,” the team added.

Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel

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