5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022

The gaming industry has greatly grown each decade since its introduction. More so, the blockchain gaming industry. More games are being developed that have in-game purchases and rewards. Additionally, players in the play-to-earn games are being offered opportunities to earn while playing.  Here are some games to keep an eye on in 2022.

5 Best Crypto games 


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Bloktopia is a 21-level building in the Metaverse. Ross Tavakoli and Paddy Carrol founded the project. It acts as a crypto information hub where users, gamers, investors, influencers, protocols, and players can all get together and build a community where they can communicate. 

Users will have brand engagement and games across from brand individuals who want to buy and lease land in Bloktopia. The users of this game are known as Bloktopians. They have an NFT ecosystem that you can buy and earn from the game. Bloktopia began around August 2021.

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It’s also described by decentralized Metaverse-backed Polygon. Bloktopia is designed using the Unity game engine. Apart from being a skyscraper with 21 floors, the game has unique and fascinating aspects. The project aims to build all types of Metaverse that will house all types of education, retails, sales, gaming, and entertainment within the skyscrapers. 

The game has all the NFT utilities. The native token is BLOK. The token was built through several IDUs in 2021 and existed on the Matic network. 

Matic is a layer 2 network on the Ethereum blockchain network known for cheap gas fees. The project’s built on a multichain. Blocks can be staked for rewards ranging from 20% to 60% APY and will be used for all transactions within the Metaverse and DAOs. In addition, there are burnt native tokens(BLOK) from initial real estate. The burning process reduces the supplementary supply of the token in the Metaverse.

 Users can purchase in-game items such as real estate space addition and marketplace purchases. Furthermore, the real estate purchase is referred to as Reblock. Users can purchase real estate (NFT) via the BLOK Token Distribution Event (TGE). Users earn from s reselling or leasing their real estate items from profit and passive income. Investors also get to earn in the game using the ADBLOCK sections.

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Brand partners earn through advertising their products in the Metaverse, where users can buy from them. Bloktopia token holders have an opportunity to acquire a portion of the advertising fees that were generated. Every gamer on the continent wants, needs, or has decisions in the game. Therefore, the game offers a governance model known as the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 

The governance system works so Reblock holders can vote on in-game changes. The majority votes will win hence contributing to the changes. The game has a modular store capability which enhances store owners’ design and rebuilt interiors with the store. The method requires a content management system via a drag and drop mechanism. 

The game has four stages: initial stage, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Q2 entails the modular store capability, multichain token launch NFT land sale, Bloktopia market launch, and single to multiplayer transition where players can interact in the community. 


Q3 entails custom avatar innovation where users create their avatars. There is also wallet integration within the Metaverse, voice chat that enables users to chat with other Bloktopians and chat in-store using virtual assistants. In addition, there is market launch, character interaction such as movements including Rental and Adblock fees are paid to REBLOCK and ADBLOCK owners, and integration and optimization in multiple devices. 


Q4 adds the friend system tab that permits Bloktopians to seek new friends, avatar customization and wearables purchases, private chats, multichain integrations, and the REBLOK allowed to vote in the DAO system.

Plant vs. Undead

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If you are a gamer and want a play-to-earn game, then Plant Vs. Undead is the perfect blockchain game. Like other games, Plant vs. Undead offers Non Fungible Tokens and other game assets that can create income for users. The game is eye to complete construction. Nonetheless, players around the world have begun playing. The players generate Plant vs. undead tokens in the farming mode. 

The game is all about protecting plants and mother trees from the Undead. The Undead consists of zombie armies that arrive during a planet meteorite strike.  

Plant vs. Undead is similar to Plants Vs. Zombies, however, the difference lies where there are NFTs portrayed as the game’s assets. The user must have plants to protect the mother tree. The Non Fungible tokens in this game are the plants. Users can purchase these plants from the in-game marketplace. In the game, there are eight different plant types and seven successful rounds needed to plant them. The main aim is to create a plant farm resisting attacks from the Undead.

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022 - 5

 Users who have already played Bloom Tower Defense and Competitive player-vs-player (PVP) defense games will find Player Vs. Undead more attractive. The game allows players to place their plants to defend the mother tree strategically. Players utilize the Light Energy or Energy (LE) points to reposition and upgrade plants. 

They can also use the LE to purchase tools that uphold the plot. Users are also allowed to exchange their Light Exchange tokens for PVU tokens. These trades occur in various cryptocurrency exchanges such as coinbase and binance. Light Energy is earned via seed watering, partaking in daily quests, and entering faring mode. Plant vs. Undead is a decentralized application (DApp) that is simple and accumulates a few PVU tokens to commence the game. 

PVU tokens enable the user to buy plants and begin harvesting activities. In addition, players must have Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and BNB in wallets to play and make transactions since it’s a BEP20 Binance Smart Chain-based game. Currently, the game is based on two modes of operation: PVE (BSC) and PVP mode (Factory Chain). Users cannot switch in-game assets between the two modes because each game requires its asset. PVP requires FUSD, and PVE requires PVU.

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 The Plant vs. Undead token (PVU) is already based on the BEP20 token. The token is the game’s fuel economy. Users need to buy new farms and begin planting on them to play. They also purchase water using the PVU tokens in the in-game marketplace since they require water for growth. Light Energy is also required to purchase the tools that aid plants’ growth. Therefore, it is simple to trade LE tokens from PVU tokens. These plants reward users after a while as they’re growing. 

During the first farming period, users must purchase at least a single NFT plant which costs a few PVU tokens. LE tokens provide tools like water and pots. In the future, there will be two game modes for Plant vs. Undead; survival and multiplayer. The most prominent game mode in the game is the farming mode. 

 Players earn from each wave of the Undead during the survival mode. On the other hand, the multiplayer donate rewards to users of each winning round. The top leaderboard players earn higher rewards. The last index concerning PVU tokens in November is $ 0.25 (37 million PVU in the game). 

My DeFi Pet

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022 - 7

My DeFi pet consists of two words, Pet and DeFi, which stands for decentralized finance. The terms are an umbrella for all applications and financial operations happening on a blockchain. In simple terms, My DeFi Pet merges DeFi with blockchain gaming. The game is built on the Cardio chain and binance chain, and the gameplay includes collecting, developing, breeding, and trading pets. You will also use the cute pets in a battle to collect rewards. 

However, the most critical aspect of the game is breeding and trading pets. The blockchain game was launched in 2021. Since then, My DeFi pet was able to immerse over 2000 token holders, more than 3 million transactions, and sold over 2 million eggs which enabled it to win the Super hackathon awards. Non-fungible Tokens in-game can be pets or other in-game items. 

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Users can breed items to give birth to newer unique game pets or use them in-game to enhance and improve the pets for battles. Pets aren’t interchangeable, and each pet is represented by NFT, making it unique in terms of statistics and design. Three ways to earn from the game are: playing blockchain games, completing in-game quests, and participating in game activities and events. This allows you to earn D-pet tokens, which can be traded on exchanges. Users are also permitted to win NFTs that can be sold in market places. 

The second option is Auctioning monsters; the game allows players to breed new pets. Users’ pet NFTs can be combined, and to breed an entirely new monster, you need at least two monsters. The new bred pet will have its statistics, and pets with higher stats and rarity are the most expensive and rewarding. You can also earn by participating in season rewards. To do so, users must complete certain tasks and reach specific requirements set by the game.

Players are rewarded from a pool price every season if they achieve everything asked to do. Silver is an in-game currency that isn’t crypto. Users utilize Silver to buy lands, cages, eggs, and pets. These items boost the production of resources such as food boxes that feed monsters. On the other hand, the D-pet token is the in-game currency that permits users to governance (DAO)—allowing users to purchase items and staking it to earn more D-pet tokens. 

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022 - 9

D-pet is the native crypto on my DeFi pet universe and is available on both Binance Smart Chain and Cardio chain. Users earn D-pet tokens by playing and completing tasks but also spend them to breed new pets and summon eggs into actual special events. Additionally, users with d-pet tokens can participate in voting for new mechanics and features and possibly earn special awards. Votes are measured in the amount of D-pet tokens staked, and the crypto can be bought on exchanges such as Kucoin and pancake swap. 

Users need a binance smart chain wallet to play the game and buy at least one pet worth 3D-pet tokens. Since the game is web-based, users must install it on their computer and can immediately begin. 

There are two ways users can earn pets in the game: summoning allows you to hatch an egg after spending 3dpet tokens. After hatching an egg, they receive a new first-generation pet listed on the auction, the second is auctioning, and the new pet is the bed after 24 hrs, and if unclaimed, it will remain on the altar for later use. 

Thetan Arena

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022 - 10

Thetan Arena is a cryptocurrency-based multiplayer online battling arena(MOBA). The game relies heavily on the player’s skill and is similar to the battle royale game. The game integrates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so that users can collect and potentially acquire profits from them. The profits depend on the arenas the player joins. Additionally, Thetan Arena enhances its free-to-play mode compared to other games. 

The game set a breaking record for six million active users two weeks after its release in 2021. Thetan Arena is free to play the game that enables crypto newbies who wish to play for free before buying these games. The player must connect their games via the MetaMask browser extension and MetaMask wallets to conduct transactions. Before commencing the game, you are given Raidon at the signup stage to play the five game modes: Battle Royale, Superstar, Deathmatch, Tower Siege, and Custom game. 

The free-to-earn or the starter hero offers lower yields of earnings from the game. In addition, the payer can’t buy, sell, or trade the hero compared to the premium ones. Nonetheless, a user can use the regular hero to progress to winning the premium.  

Thetan Arena allows players to play solo, in pairs of four teams or can team up amongst themselves. Non-player characters (NPCs) are added to fit in in case there are no live players at the gaming moment. NPCs have skill limitations when compared to live players.

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022 - 11

For in-game wins and rewards, users need to purchase heroes that fit their skill levels to take full course advantage. The Blockchain game is created on the Binance Smart Chain, a crypto network that runs accordingly to the Binance chain and opposite Ethereum. The game’s native token is called Theta Coin (THC), which you can earn via in-game tournaments, matches, and ranked rewards. 

THC is an added advantage as players can exchange it and utilize it to purchase epic or standard Thetan Boxes. Thetan Gem (THG) (maximum supply of 420 M) is also an inclusive currency used in staking and evolving heroes. Furthermore, THG can be used to buy little legendary Thetan boxes. THG can also be swapped in multiple crypto exchanges such as pancake swap, BitMart, and Hotbit. Like other crypto games, Thetan Arena has an in-game marketplace where players can buy, sell or lease their premium heroes using the THC and THG in-game currencies.  

Additionally, a considerate method for a player to earn using the play-to-earn method is to stream the games to generate income on the live game platforms. The Heroes in the game are the NFTs bought and sold in the marketplace. The game’s heroes are purchased in different varieties and come with their own skills, such as burrowing underground and freezing enemies. It all depends on the players’ choice of a particular hero.

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022 - 12

There are 25 characters that are under 3 rarity levels, classes, and skin rarity levels. The rarity levels of the heroes offer heroes such as standard, epic, and legendary heroes with different abilities, unique playing styles, and bonus chances for battle rewards. The skin influences battle rewards include Normal, rare, and Mythical. 

Then lastly, they are categorized into three classes: Assassin, which dodges and attacks quickly; and also the fastest, Tank, who are slow however heavy hitters with strong attacks; and Marksman, who are ranged attackers. To purchase heroes, users are given a free single one during the signing. 

The free hero can earn the player more THC to purchase premium heroes or receive rewards during the level-ups. In buying premium heroes, you need to go to the in-game marketplace and buy them with wrapped BNB or purchase Thetan Boxes with THG and THC. 

Gods unchained

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022 - 13

God’s of Unchained is a digital card game that permits players to battle one another for divine control. It is an Ethereum-based game allowing users to own cards and trade them freely in in-game activities. Like other play-to-earn games, it pits players in a strategy battle and wits against each other. The goal is to reduce the opponent’s life from 30 to 0. Users can achieve this by casting spells and summoning creatures to attack opponents. 

Alternatively, players utilize their cards to gain an advantage on the battlefield. In addition, Gods of Unchained offers various methods of playing. Both casual and ranked modes exist in the game. The draft mode also permits players to build decks from a pool of cards. The players own the cards in-game, where they can buy, sell and trade their cards in the in-game market. To buy this Ethereum-based blockchain game, you can utilize the coinmarketcap website.

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022 - 14

Additionally, various exchanges, including Coinbase, FTX, and Huobi global, offer the game. Gods Unchained enables players to innovate their own gods and rule their worlds. These players upgrade their armies and fight enemies. Players are given cards that determine their gods’ power through fighting their universes. Each player containing10 enemies must win cards to defeat them. 

Furthermore, these enemies are generated at the start of the game at the player’s priorities. Players can also battle other users besides their enemies. Armies are a critical factor in defeating enemies. Subsequently, they must be equipped, and strength is increased regularly. 

Points earned in the game determine a player’s level; therefore, players must win 7 to 20 matches to acquire rewards. Weapons, armor, and spells replace cards. 

Each player is given 30 cards at the beginning of the game, whereby earning depends on the user’s winning rate, earning further rewards, and winning against other opponents. Gods of Unchain is a free-to-play game that any newbie can earn without further investments. The cards are Non-fungible tokens that are rare and unique to each player. Each level has rewards and includes Plain, Meteorite, Shadow, Gold, and Diamond, which users earn after surpassing levels.

5 Blockchain Games to Watch in 2022 - 15

There are two methods of earning in the game: selling the cards given during the events and rewards from God Token airdrop. Users can’t sell their plain NFT cards NFT as they need to upgrade through fighting and receiving rewards and then sell on the in-game marketplace. Additionally, the player can generate the meteorite card by spending the Flux and Token earned in the game. Like Thetan Arena, Gods Unchained has its own rarity: Common Rare. Epic, rare, Legendary, and Mythic. 

To upgrade the card, the forge screen, the player must spend 0.1 Gods token, 0.3 Gold tokens for the rare card, 0.7 Gods token for the epic card, and 1.5 Gods token for the legendary upgrade. Players must reach at least Meteorite level to sell their NFT cards. To sell the NFT cards, users must connect their MetaMask wallets (Ethereum) to the IMMUTABLEX website. After clicking the INVENTORY tab after connection, the NFT cards that can be sold will appear and be able to complete the selling process once approved. 


Crypto space stakeholders have an immense attraction to the development of the gaming industry. Thus they are making more gamers around the globe yearn to earn from these games. Blockchain games offer newbies and pros opportunities to earn from free-to-play and pay-to-earn games. 

These games are offering chances for gamers to earn passive income. That makes them worth looking into. However, it is best to be cautious about all crypto projects as most of them are unregulated; thus highly risky.

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