Around the Block With Jefferson Nunn – Interview With G. Lopane at

Around the Block With Jefferson Nunn – Interview With G. Lopane at

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Jefferson Nunn  0:08   

Welcome to another episode of Around the Block with Jefferson Nunn and I’m here today with G. Lopane. How are you doing today from How are you doing today? 

G. Lopane  0:19   

I’m doing great thank you for the invitation, Jefferson. 

Jefferson Nunn  0:24   

Great, glad to have you. So VenVuu. It’s an interesting name. Tell me more about it. 

G. Lopane  0:30   

Yeah, actually It’s got a VenVuu like because the two UU got a little dash on the top. So is like VenVuu like you’re viewing something, you know. And actually is part of that chat, which is a publicly traded company here in the US. And we asked we are the ad network platform for the metaverse. So, our main goal is to help to bring brands to the metaverse and to mark into that owner to monetize their land. Okay, so we’re like that, that connection between brands and the landowners. Okay. And the good thing about us is that we have a, a DRM, patent technology that we can change the content of our NFT anytime we want. So, we can do billboards, we can do screens, we can do product placement, we can do wearable, we can do anything you want in the metaverse. 

Jefferson Nunn  1:29   

Wow, that sounds really fascinating, especially considering how the NFT marketplace has been, you know, dramatically growing. And I mean, the metaverse is just launching. So, tell me a little bit more. I mean, if I was trying to mentor an NFT, what are some of the things that I should think about? 

G. Lopane  1:52   

Yeah, for sure. So, let’s say if you want to amend an NFT agenda, NFT there’s things that you have to look at the look for, for that. So first of all, is if it’s art, you like the art, if it’s in utility, you will have a use for that utility. Like in our case, our utility is to monetize the landowners land, even though you can buy it with our land and you can monetize it, okay. But if you have a land, you’re gonna monetize it more because you will have an even if you’re sitting in the wallet, or you connect your land to it. So, when I say land any type of Metaverse land across all the metaverse because people think there’s only one Metaverse, there’s, they’re like 30 metaverses, do you have to do it like Metaverse, as countries like rails, like different worlds, okay, so you if you are one of our NFTs, you can monetize that any type of decentralized land that you have out there, just running apps. And the good thing about it is that to, to run that Ad, we have to have your permission.

So, we cannot run like random Ads. So, you have to have permission. And let’s say going back to the NFT. In general, you have to look out for what’s the utility, they have that that NFT either an NFT, there will be part of the club, or will be in NFT, that you’re gonna monetize the NFT or you like the art. So, those are the things that I look at when I when I meant I NFT I have hundreds on NFTs. And I started with art. But now I’m looking more in the utility. What can I get after I meant NFT? You know. 

Jefferson Nunn  3:45   

Interesting, interesting. So, yeah, I know, there’s a lot of people that are still looking at the NFP space because, you know, it’s so new and open see has had, you know, a variety of issues and so forth. So, first security, what would you recommend to people attempting to make it at ease and to gain a loyal following? What would you recommend that they think about? 

G. Lopane  4:17   

Yeah, does that that’s a great question. So, my recommendation when you want to create a NFT collection is first you have to build the community. Okay, so the number one thing in the NFT space is community, because at the end of the day, your NFT will worth what people are willing to pay, you know, but if you don’t have any community, nobody’s going to buy your NFT you can have the greatest NFT out there you can have the greatest art out there you gather the best utilities out there, but if you don’t have the community, they believe in you. They believe in your project. No one’s gonna buy so before creating a collection you have to create your community and how you create a community in the NFT space you have to create a discord channel.

Okay Discord is the main source of communication in ft after Twitter so first of all you have to have a Twitter and then a discord and the discord channel you have to provide tons of value, okay value giveaways motivation so they can talk they can go level up and create them that you know your fans in one community. The good thing about this court is that you can monetize your community having a one place you know, it’s not like Instagram, the Instagram. If you create content, most of the monetization will go to Instagram in this court is now a fully decentralized, but you can get more out of it than then a social media platform. No. 

Jefferson Nunn  6:07   

It’s good to know it’s good to know. So yeah, there’s also this amazing explosion of hypoechoic metaverses it seems like every other day something else is coming up. That’s going to be you know, supposedly revolutionizing the metaverse space, right? Even HTC is getting involved. And in the whole Metaverse thing and announcing their own initiative. How should the prospective creator go about exploring these different spaces to move forward? 

G. Lopane  6:50   

Yeah, that’s a great question. So, let me tell you, you have to divide the metaverses in plural into you have to know that you have centralized metaverses, and you have decentralized metaverses so with a centralized metaverses is owned by big companies like Facebook, that has Harvard horizons. Hmm, now Facebook Cometa. And Microsoft has all all-space VR. And then you have the oldest Metaverse is called Second Life. And I don’t know if you remember there was a second life. It came out 19 years ago, it was 2003. The first Metaverse came out. Because people think that Metaverse because it’s a first world. It word is brand new, but it’s been around for 19 years, you know, but the centralized Metaverse like super world and decentraland.

They came out in 2018 Opening Doors in 2020. So that’s why people think they’re brand new, but they’ve been around so those decentralized Metaverse, there are many I can tell you that you can find decentraland The Sandbox, some new spaces, crypto box, you can find also super world Outland, Cornerstone land, and so forth. There’s so many out there. And there’s a lot of chains because there’s some there are built in Ethereum others are built in Solana others are built in in binance and chain something out building in polygon. So, it’s my thing is you go in every single one out there, all of them are free, you can go and you can explore and just stay where you feel more comfortable. You know, I like myself. I like a lot. decentraland is one of the oldest one and is the one that has like more, more traction, more, more people coming in, you know. 

Jefferson Nunn  9:01   

Interesting, interesting. So yeah, I find it fascinating how quickly the crypto verse has changed and you know what’s going to be coming next, especially on the Advent Ready Player One and Ready Player two and all that. And I think the future is going to be exciting. So, what do you think is going to be the next great thing that maybe people should think about or look out for it? 

G. Lopane  9:31   

Yeah, so I’ll say right now, even though is a buzzword Metaverse itself will be the best the next big thing. So, if we’re going back to web 2.0, when everything was created around 2007 Remember Facebook started with a couple 100 people a couple 1000 people, and all of a sudden it grew to build the people in three, four years. You know, it will happen the same thing with the metaverse because the metaverse It’s like the social media continuation instead to have like a social meaning and, and that you can read it, you’re gonna be in it. You know, it will be the metaverse is gonna be the social media, but in it, okay, so that is why Facebook changed their name to matter.

So, because they know that’s the big trend now, a lot of people are gonna go socialize in metaverses no doesn’t matter which metaverse you go in it, that’s the future you know. And also, I will say five to 10 years, we’re gonna have this AR glasses out there. So, we can, we can interact with virtual reality and augmented reality at the same time in the world. So, you will see advertisement in your, in your, in your glasses. And let’s say you don’t have a billboard there, but you can see it when you put your glasses on, you know, I don’t know if you guys remember PokemonGo but that was a big thing like, like five or six years ago. That’s gonna be the next big thing for us. And as a as a human being is going to be that immersive social media that’s called metaverse.  

Jefferson Nunn  11:09   

Yeah, I would say a lot of people agree with you. I was speaking with a while back. Adam Draper, who was definitely on board with a lot of the ideas with the metaverse just becoming a part of our everyday lives. And I reckon I reckon it’s right. I reckon he and you are right that people should really start to take a look at Metaverse, not for the short term, but for the long term is here to stay? 

G. Lopane  11:41   

Yeah, definitely. Definitely it because at the end of the day, you know, in the metaverse, you can have a different reality, you know, so you can have things that you cannot have in your life. You can do things you cannot do in your life, you know, and when you put your goggles on, even though you can go in the metaverse with a computer or the phone just so you know. But when you put your Google zine, you’re immersed, you know, in the 3d version, you can feel it, your brain can feel that you are in something real, you know.

So, it’s a sight. It’s exciting when you can go to places you never been in real life. And you can go to real places in the metaverse, you know, because you can travel to Italy, you can travel to Egypt or China in your in a Metaverse and in your goggles and it looks the same, you know, so that’s a possibility for people to say, when you have Okay, let me put you a simple example. Let’s say when you have a handicapped people that cannot walk, but in the metaverse, you can put your glasses and you can walk and you can in your brain is feeling that you can walk is you know, different experiments. You know, it’s a positive experience for people that that don’t doesn’t have the way to walk into real life. You know. 

Jefferson Nunn  13:00   

That’s exciting. Well, tell me a little bit more about yourself. How did you get started in this industry? 

G. Lopane  13:08   

Yeah, that’s a great question. So but Well, I’m a marketer, and I’m being I have a master’s degree in marketing. I’m a finance guy from the, from the beginning, but I was working in marketing sales for the last 20 years. So, when I was doing my master’s degree, I did my master’s degree in Madrid, Spain. And my, my, my roommates were developers, so they in 2013, they come up to me and show me what was Bitcoin they were mining bitcoins under computers. It was so easy to mine Bitcoin. You don’t need a nee, you didn’t need those fancy equipment’s that you need. Now to mine you have your computer, you can mine, you know, and that’s how I started everything. In 2013. Then when the ICO craziness, I created my first company in the in the world call real world ads, just created the analogy that I’m on now. So, just creating the marketing in the metaverse back in the day it was not called Metaverse back in the day it was called AR and VR. Then 2018 I created another company called Generico, which is a company helping other companies and brands to come to the to the blockchain world.

So, I was helping them with a marketing with a grading the ICOs and then anything turns down in 2021 to turn to the NFT world. Because if they even though I knew NFT 2017 were crypto Kitties and crypto punks. Everything started in 2021 The NFT craziness with more apes in April 2021 and so forth. So, I was helping companies just come to the to the NFT world from ICOs to NFS and then beginning on 2022 This big company called that job the company are working now with they come up with the idea with Vein view, which it was my idea that I had something similar done in 2020 in 2017. But I was like so far ahead of my time that nobody believes in advertising the metaverse and now is the big thing, you know. So, they finance the project. And I’m here just helping landowners to monetize their land and have been doing this. So, I’m a builder about my web 3.0 believer. I’m web 3.0 value list. I always tried to talk about web three NFTs dowse Metaverse, who every single person that I that I see anywhere, you know, so that’s my life. I go to events, I create partnerships. So, I’m always open to partnership and, and do anything they have to be with web 3.0. 

Jefferson Nunn  15:50   

Awesome, yeah, I find it interesting for the folks I’ve went through their crypto winters and still coming out with great content. It’s fascinating. You know, so for the people that are just getting into the space and they want to be a creator of some kind or programmer, what would you recommend? 

G. Lopane  16:13   

So, my recommendation is to just educate yourself. It’s difficult you have to find like a college or university that can show you this. That’s not the way to do it. The ways to do it is to myself I post a lot of content in LinkedIn you can find me is Gianfranco Lopane is GIANFRANCO is my first name, LOPANE, I post a lot of posts, I have I follow so many people in the space in LinkedIn, that my LinkedIn, feed if for the web 3.0 people. So, I tend to follow a lot of people and web 3.0. Also in Twitter, I follow tons of people and web 3.0. And also, the most important thing is just to sign up to web 3.0 newsletters, so you understand what’s happening every single day. And just re-educate yourself and then go in, don’t go in without just don’t go in blindly. Because you can lose a lot of money before investing in any project do your own research. Just look at the team. What have they done in the past? If it because there’s a lot of rock pools, and, and cash graphs in the space, so you have to be careful of that. So, make your due diligence. Know the team, try to talk with the team understand that analogy and, and just invest in things that you see futures and that you believe in. 

Jefferson Nunn  17:47   

Great advice. It’s very great advice. So well, thank you so much for joining us today on the show. Do you have any last or final thoughts for our listeners? And also, how can they check out more about 

G. Lopane  18:00   

Yeah, so my thing is, guys, if you have not gone to the metaverse just type Metaverse, what our decentralized Metaverse and just grab the names putting in Google and just go in it’s for free. And you know it’s gonna be fun. And you can find more about value in is VENVUU.IO. So is V as in Victor E N V again UU dot IO we are the ad network platform for that matter. So, anything that you want to you want to you want to bring your brand. We are the guys that we can help you out to bring your brand to the metaverse. 

Jefferson Nunn  18:47   

Awesome. Thank you so much again for joining us. And I’d love to follow up with you in about six months or so to find out how things are going. So, thank you again. 

G. Lopane  18:58   

Sounds good. Thank you for an invitation and thank you guys for listening. Thank you.

Jefferson Nunn

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