Auros to Provide High-Frequency Pricing Data on the Pyth Network

Auros to Provide High-Frequency Pricing Data on the Pyth Network

Auros and Pyth have inked a partnership deal designed to enable the former to leverage the latter’s specialized oracle solution for latency-sensitive financial data to deliver pricing data for a range of cryptocurrencies to the Pyth Network.

Bringing High-Frequency Data to Crypto Markets 

Auros, a Hong Kong-based algorithmic trading and market-making firm, has joined forces with Pyth Network, a specialized oracle solution for latency-sensitive financial data, to bring real-time, high-frequency data to the crypto markets.

Per a press release shared with, the partnership will enable Pyth Network to receive pricing data for a vast array of cryptocurrencies driven by Auros’ advanced high-frequency trading system. 

Pyth says it aims to use its expertise as the leading oracle solution for latency-sensitive financial data to bring more institutional trading activity on-chain through a network of more than 70 data providers and Auros’ best-in-class pricing data will further enhance Pyth’s ability to provide aggregated data to a range of blockchain networks.

Quality and Accurate Data 

Commenting on the partnership, Ben Roh, Co-Founder, and CIO of Auros said:

“Auros is thrilled to be joining the Pyth Network to contribute reliable, high fidelity data for all. By sharing our high-frequency trading data with a truly on-chain decentralized network, we aim to foster innovation that will lead to better financial solutions for all participants. We expect the Pyth Network will become an inevitable part of a future decentralized financial system and are delighted to be partnered with them on this mission.”

Auros is an algorithmic trading and market-making firm founded by derivatives traders and trading system architects with over 20 years of experience, generating daily notional turnover in billions of dollars.

Auros claims to combine a large variety of source data and then filter it for quality and accuracy, at sub-second intervals, to offer users lightning-quick pricing that responds to market changes. Auros focuses on providing its partner projects with sustainable liquidity, high-frequency trading, and more. 

Auros has integrated with more than 60 centralized and decentralized exchanges, commanding a sizable share of daily global volume while accruing a cumulative trading volume of over $1.5 trillion. 

Auros says its technological heritage combines sophisticated pricing models and state-of-the-art order execution capabilities, delivering robust and reliable trading performance.

Pyth aggregates and publishes data at sub-second speeds for over 90 price feeds across crypto, equities, FX, and metals. This data is made available across blockchain networks through the Wormhole messaging protocol. Since its launch, Pyth claims to have secured over $25 billion in total traded volume and the project continues to expand its footprint in the financial markets.

Stephen Kaminsky, Special Projects at Jump Crypto, one of the leading institutions contributing to Pyth said:

“Pyth has attracted the most sophisticated trading firms in both traditional and digital asset markets, so it’s no surprise to see another premier high-frequency market maker join the Pyth community. Auros price data will undoubtedly help empower more projects and protocols in DeFi and Web3.”

Pyth says its primary focus is to find a new and cost-effective way to bring latency-sensitive financial data on-chain and aggregate it securely.