Avalanche partners with TSM and Blitz to develop web3 gaming

Avalanche partners with TSM and Blitz to develop web3 gaming

Avalanche announced a partnership with the esports platform Team SoloMid (TSM). The network is also teaming up with the gaming app Blitz. 

Swift,  TSM and Blitz’s parent company, are looking to leverage Avalanche to provide a better gamer experience and revolutionize the gaming industry. According to the latter’s recent announcement, Avalanche is now Blitz’s and TSM’s exclusive blockchain partner. It will focus on mainstreaming web3’s first-player gaming products. 

As part of their payment strategy, TSM and Blitz will utilize Core to power user transactions and store digital assets. 

Blitz has over 30 million subscribers and will be built on the Avalanche blockchain platform, designed to maximize various functions in improving user experience. 

“Avalanche’s fully customizable subnets were created to help organizations like TSM push the boundaries of what is possible for gaming with sub-second transaction speed, scalability, and security for millions of users.”

John Wu, President of Ava Labs

Also, TSM will be the host of Avalanche-branded tournaments. It will allow users to hone and improve their skills while getting reward prizes for competing in the Blitz Arena. 

Blitz and TSM will also use $AVAX to power their Subnet innovation. $AVAX will be used as gas fees in every user transaction. Avalanche confirmed this through a post on Twitter.

FTX collapse has also affected Avalanche and TSM toward web3 development, challenging its mainstream adoption. TSM had a naming rights adoption deal with FTX worth $210 million, suspended and canceled last year. FTX’s recent drop by Avalanche isn’t a surprise since the former blockchain platform faces multiple lawsuits. 

However, Swift plans to convert the Blitz collaboration Avalanche Subnet to an Elastic Subnet allowing users to be validators. It will allow them to stake crypto tokens and earn rewards under the proof-of-stake (PoS) validation mechanism. 

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