Bitcoin Film “Satoshi’s Last Will” Begins Crowdfunding Campaign

Bitcoin Film “Satoshi’s Last Will” Begins Crowdfunding Campaign

Bitcoin filmmakers Bitfilm have begun a crowdfunding campaign for a new film entitled “Satoshi’s Last Will” on the cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform StartJOIN, founded by American broadcaster and film maker Max Keiser.

Bitfilm’s new science-fiction thriller was created to show the advantages of using bitcoin and the unique application of the blockchain technology. “Satoshi’s Last Will” portrays the future of bitcoin, as bitcoin reaches mainstream adoption and explodes in volume, like the internet in its early stages.

The ultimate objective of the film is to portray the death of banking and traditional financial systems, and the birth of a decentralized peer-to-peer systems community. As governments and banks lose their power with the rise of digital currencies, blockchain technology transforms the financial sector and changes how humans communicate.

“We have started working on the script, casted some actors and found a number of partners who support the project, among them Max Keiser’s,” saidAaron Koenig, the founder and managing director of BitFilm.

Max Keiser announced in an interview that he will be playing one of the main characters of the film. “I will be patterning my performance on studying for many years the psychopathology of Jamie Dimon. His financial terrorism is not readily evident, quite subtle in fact, but there are discernible, telltale mannerisms that give away his inner Charles Manson,” said Keiser.

Bitfilm decided to launch their crowdfunding campaign on Max Keiser’s to benefit from the coverage of Keiser’s TV shows and podcasts. “We do the crowdfunding campaign on his new platform and he gives us media coverage in his shows. This will also draw attention to and his new show Crowdfactor, so I think it will be good for both,” explained the Bitfilm team.

As of now, Bitfilm plans to raise $80,000 USD to complete the script and the basic production design of Satoshi’s Last Will. Later on however, as the production of the movie beings, Bitfilm will initiate more crowdfunding campaigns or funding rounds to fund the filming and editing processes.

Through the movie, Bitfilm hopes to educate the general population about Bitcoin and the potential of blockchain technology in many industries.

Joseph Young

Joseph is a bitcoin enthusiast, financial consultant, web developer writer based in Hong Kong. He has worked with hotels and tech firms in Korea, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore as a front-end developer and has collaborated with venture capital firms to explore bitcoin and virtual reality-focused startups in South East Asia.