Bitcoin is halving in 2024. What it means for bitcoin’s price prediction and newcomer Metacade

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Bitcoin is halving in 2024. What it means for bitcoin’s price prediction and newcomer Metacade

Many investors who have experienced previous market cycles are well aware of the impact that Bitcoin’s halving — where the rewards for mining a block are cut in half — can have on the price of BTC and the market as a whole. In the 150 days following each of the last three Bitcoin halvings, the price has been up at least 16% and triggered a crypto-wide bull run.

It would be crazy not to take the next Bitcoin halving into account when looking at the bitcoin price prediction and the market result, given its significant role in previous cycles.

With Metacade generating much buzz among the investment community, many are now wondering what role the Bitcoin halving could play in the astronomical price rises that some predict for Metacade’s utility token, MCADE.

Will the Bitcoin halving impact Metacade?

As Bitcoin halving in 2024 is likely to drive the start of another bull run again, it could be an incredible compounding factor to the price growth of the MCADE token.

While the price of MCADE may appreciate in 2023, the Bitcoin halving could arrive at the perfect moment for MCADE to ride the wave of the incoming bull run and deliver eye-watering returns across multiple years.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was started in 2009 and has led the way as the world’s flagship and most widely owned cryptocurrency.

The arrival of Bitcoin came on the back of the 2008 financial crisis and has been considered by many to be a possible solution to the future of money. While Bitcoin’s price has been subject to much volatility over the last decade, it has also produced incredible returns. There has been no better investment than BTC over that period.

Bitcoin price prediction general: Can BTC continue to grow?

The impact that the Bitcoin halving has on the entire crypto market says it all — Bitcoin remains the biggest player in Web3, and there is no doubt that the project will continue to post gains for its holders.

However, with Bitcoin so well known, there is less room for the price to grow. So while analysts expect to see the price of BTC rise again over the coming year, it looks unlikely to see the huge jumps of the past. 

So what can BTC achieve? In 2023, the price of BTC could reach $35k as it starts to regain momentum lost in the bear market. Looking further out, the Bitcoin halving in 2024 could start another bull run, with BTC potentially climbing up to the milestone $100k value by the end of 2025.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is a pioneering new project that is quickly becoming a primary focus for investors, having recently released a whitepaper that covers in detail the expansive plans the project has to transform the gaming world.

Central to the project’s ambitions is creating a huge play-to-earn (P2E) arcade that will allow gamers to earn financial rewards for playing the titles they like the most. The P2E arcade will cater to all types of gaming, meaning that whether you’re looking for a leisurely game or something more competitive, Metacade has you covered.  

How does MCADE work?

The MCADE token fuels the ecosystem, allowing the rewards system to work effectively and act as the currency across the platform and used for all transactions, from tournament entry fees to buying merchandise.

Thanks to the token’s staking features, MCADE holders may benefit from passive income generation, making the investment in MCADE even more appealing due to its ability to diversify earnings.

Investors have also reacted very positively to the groundbreaking Metagrants program, which allows MCADE holders to use their tokens to vote on which game ideas receive funding. Game developers will submit their game proposals to the Metacade community to receive feedback and win funding. In doing so, investors have a hand in determining the future focus areas of the platform.

Metacade price prediction general: Can MCADE surpass $1?

Investors have a lot of faith in Metacade, judging by the incredible performance in the presale. It has already raised $5.4m since the start of its presale. Remarkably, this indicates the belief in the project’s potential for big returns. Considering the release schedule outlined by the Metacade team, $1 is likely by the end of 2023, as utility drives the price higher with more users coming on board.

MCADE may even break through to $5 by 2025, with Bitcoin halving, giving the project an additional push as it enters the bull run.

Metacade vs. Bitcoin: Which project should investors choose?

Bitcoin offers a clear opportunity for conservative gains, by crypto’s standards at least. Metacade is likely to be a more profitable investment, though. Bitcoin could assist MCADE in delivering enormous gains, especially for those who choose to participate in the MCADE presale.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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