Bitcoin whales think BudBlockz is the best altcoin to hold in your portfolio for 2023

Bitcoin whales think BudBlockz is the best altcoin to hold in your portfolio for 2023

Sentiments in the cryptocurrency sector have tanked to all-time lows amid the steep selloff from record highs. Nevertheless, the steep correction presents unique opportunities for savvy investors to buy highly discounted assets with tremendous potential. BudBlockz is one project which Bitcoin whales are turning to, going by the massive buzz in the crypto space backed by real-world use cases and functionality.

Why BudBlockz

In a sector where one is likely to be spoilt for choice, BudBlockz has carved a niche by establishing the first decentralized platform that will enhance the buying and selling of marijuana. The project seeks to bridge the gap between cannabis and cryptocurrencies, enabling the secure, transparent and efficient buying and selling of cannabis-related products.

The blockchain-powered e-commerce platform will enable transactions in all jurisdictions where marijuana is currently legal. While more states in the US and countries are increasingly legalizing and decriminalizing the plant, there is a huge market for the project to target with the unique e-commerce platform.

BLUNT is the native token that will power the platform, enabling transactions. The native token will act as a medium of exchange, allowing people to buy and sell cannabis. To cap inflation and help drive BLUNT tokens value, the total number of coins that will ever be in circulation is 420 million.

NFT opportunity

In addition to bridging the gap between cannabis and cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Whales also believe BudBlockz has what it takes to succeed in the burgeoning Non-Fungible Token space. The crypto cannabis project has already launched a line of NFTs dubbed Ganja Guruz that offer an array of perks.

Ganja Guruz holders stand to enjoy fractional ownership to weed businesses worldwide in addition to access to authorized cannabis stores. In addition, the tokens will also entitle the owners to discounts on some cannabis products.

BudBlockz is also pursuing opportunities for growth in the decentralized finance space. It has already established the BudSwap, a platform that will allow people to make and receive cryptocurrencies securely and transparently.

Amid the shift from centralized systems to decentralized systems increases, the BudBlockz DeFi platform should be the center of attention as it is centered around the multi-billion cannabis industry.   BudBlockz opportunities for growth have also been affirmed by the creation of the first P2E gaming platform based around cannabis and crypto gaming.

Bottom line

BudBlockz is destined for tremendous success on moving away from meme coins that don’t have real-world utility. The crypto cannabis project enjoys the early mover advantage as it moves to combat banking issues and the stigma that has derailed the cannabis sector for years. While creating a supportive community of consumer businesses, investors and weed enthusiasts, demand and value of the underlying native token Blunt should increase significantly.

The crypto cannabis project should continue to attract crypto whales due to enormous opportunities for growth around the cannabis e-commerce platform, Non-fungible tokens and Decentralized Finance.

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