Boom Users can Now Display NFTs on The Decentralized Social Platform’s Native Wallet

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Boom Users can Now Display NFTs on The Decentralized Social Platform’s Native Wallet

Boom, a decentralized social platform registered in Miami but founded by a group of international cyberpunk enthusiasts from the U.S., Sweden, and the U.K, has enabled the display of NFTs on its multi-asset app wallet, a press release on January 25 indicates.

The NFT Display Activation

Following this activation, players can conveniently display valuable NFTs straight from the Boom wallet or platform. 

Their approach is unique and diverges from those adopted by MetaMask and other browser wallets. Although they might have the capability of allowing wallet holders to show off their NFTs, they lack the immediate community judgment to ascertain the quality of their mints. 

From the Boom’s wallet, NFT holders would quickly and securely show off their NFTs, encouraged that community members might comment or give feedback. This way, it also becomes easy to test the authenticity of each NFT—a significant update for NFT creators and the growth of the web3 ecosystem.

Creators Can Share Market Updates

The update also allows a creator to be a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). Out of this feature, NFT content creators can be trendsetters by creating free or paid channels where they can give varied opinions on the state of the cryptocurrency of the NFTs market. While commenting on events, content creators would also concurrently display their NFTs. 

The platform’s wallet can also be a source of news updates for users. They can, at any time, cycle through constant news feeds published from different channels and authors covering various topics that can range from the status of the crypto market to all necessary updates impacting the NFTs market. 

Readers can subscribe to free channels and even pay to access premium channels using supported cryptocurrencies like USDT or ETH.

Launch of the $1 Million Boom Creator Fund

Eventually, Boom aims to leverage these recently unleashed features to become a fully decentralized social platform in the metaverse. Boom will be governed by its global community of active users and NFT creators at that stage. Ahead of this announcement, Boom announced a $1 million Creator Fund to support creators to join, therefore creating value for the community. Less than two weeks after launching, there are over 2k members, including established crypto influencers.

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