(BUY) Lists on P2PB2B Exchange in the Beginning of September

Altcoins (BUY) Lists on P2PB2B Exchange in the Beginning of September

eCommerce is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors within the global economy with a forecasted growth of 25% CAGR over the next five years. The desired sub-industry in the sector is hyperlocal last mile delivery. This is essentially localized home delivery in less than 60 minutes. operates in 22 states and is growing fast which makes the decentralized delivery and supply logistics platform well positioned to take advantage within the growing eCommerce space. Thousands of deliveries are made each day by hundreds of retail companies on the platform. Retailers are welcome to reach out to discuss how we can serve you. 

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Why strives to decentralize e-commerce operations, and it’s pleased to offer:

24/7 live support 

Guaranteed 2-hour delivery

Turnkey eCommerce solution

Decentralized supply logistics 

Secure and Encrypted Personal Information 

Loyalty Incentives 

Simplified payment settlement process with more options 

In addition, created its own cryptocurrency – the BUY Token. It’s a utility token based on the Algorand blockchain that will be used for paying transactions within the platform. 

In addition, the BUY token is a stronger alternative for retailers in situations: 

  • When micropayments where transferring cash to/from fiat is too costly
  • Banks and others charge transaction fees, which add up to at least 2–3%, if not more, when converting money to fiat
  • Product and service discounts is a hyper local micro distribution delivery platform already operating in 22 USA states with an mcap under 1 million USD.

Where to $BUY tokens?

BUY Token will become available on the P2PB2B exchange in the beginning of September with other listings on and Uniswap before that. 

More information about the project:

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