Bybit announces a 20-day Learn and Earn Campaign for India Traders

Bybit announces a 20-day Learn and Earn Campaign for India Traders

Bybit, one of the world’s active and liquid cryptocurrency exchanges with over seven million users, is launching a “Learn and Earn” campaign for Indian users beginning today, August 12, from 10 AM UTC to September 1, 10 AM UTC.

The Bybit Learn and Earn Campaign

In a press release on August 12, Bybit said the Learn and Earn campaign will offer unprecedented offers and rewards for Indian clients as the exchange spearheads efforts to improve crypto literacy in the sub-continent. According to the exchange, incentivizing crypto education and distributing rewards during the campaign will lead to a smooth trading experience for all classes of subscribing traders and drive adoption.

Bybit is initiating the learning and earning campaign in India, responding to rapidly growing demand from crypto communities in the region. Ben Zhou, the CEO and co-founder of Bybit, also notes that the growing middle class in the country is looking for innovative solutions to diversify into digital assets and capture the myriad of opportunities in the multi-trillion crypto industry.

He notes:

We are rolling out this educational and promotional campaign in India in response to the demand from the fast-growing communities in the region. India is a vibrant and unique economy with a rising, digitally savvy middle class looking for innovative solutions to diversify into digital assets and capture the enormous opportunities in the crypto economy.

The co-founder added that the exchange is actively building to deliver the crypto promise of power diffusion, empowerment, and low-cost transactions. Towards achieving this goal, the exchange maintains a high uptime of 99.1 percent and a superior matching engine capable of processing up to 100k transactions per second.

Crypto offers the opportunity of a lifetime for our generation, and to reap the benefits people need access to technology and knowledge. Choosing a secure and trusted platform is step one. We are in the business of supporting the delivery of crypto’s promise by building the fastest, safest, and most reliable platform for all things crypto.

Earn from Learning, Practicing, and Sharing Crypto Knowledge

Indian users keen on participating in the Bybit Learn and Earn program are free to learn, practice, and share the tidbits presented by the established exchange. Notably, users who take part in the campaign will receive learning benefits, including valuable tutorials on trading basics and “Bybit 101” videos. Some of these videos include “How to Deposit Crypto Directly Into Bybit“, “Getting Started With Bybit Copy Trading“, “Trade 24/7 With Bybit Grid Bots“, and “How to Buy Coins on P2P Through Bybit“.

To incentivize participation, the platform has stated that the first 1k traders to sign up stand to receive a share of the $10k reward pool and take part in the NFT giveaway. Additionally, eligible users can receive up to $420 in bonus via the Bybit referral program.

While cryptocurrencies offer solutions to existing problems, easing remittance and lowering costs, a big part of the industry is trading. As of early August, trackers reveal that the total cryptocurrency market exceeds $1.26 trillion, and Bitcoin has a market cap of over $459 billion.

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