Bybit Declared Best Cryptocurrency Exchange at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022

Bybit Declared Best Cryptocurrency Exchange at Crypto Expo Dubai 2022

Bybit, a leading cryptocurrency exchange today announced it had won the Best Crypto Exchange Award at Crypto Expo Dubai (CED) 2022.

Bybit Continues to Lead the Pack

The world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange Bybit continues to win accolades, this time becoming the Best Crypto Exchange as declared at CED 2022.

Notably, Bybit is now the third most visited crypto exchange in terms of web traffic and has doubled its user base since it last participated in CED six months ago.

Bybit winning the award is a testimony to the exchange’s meteoric rise from a niche but formidable derivatives trading platform in 2018 to a fully-fledged exchange for all crypto traders (6 million users) of different risk appetites and skill levels.

Bybit leverages its powerful matching engine and robust infrastructure to offer the best-in-class services to its users. That’s one of the reasons why Bybit was able to maintain an uptime of 99.9 percent throughout the crypto market frenzy in May 2021.

At CED 2022, Bybit was accompanied by hundreds of speakers, founders, and crypto enthusiasts.

Commenting on the development, Igneus Terrenus, head of communications at Bybit, said:

“The original promise of the internet was to create a level playing field for all,” and somehow web 2.0 was led astray from that vision. What web3 and the metaverse could do is to give power back to the individual,” he shared at a panel on what the future holds for crypto after the metaverse.”

Terrenus adds that blockchain technology could safeguard the world from an impending climate disaster. Existing carbon credit models have a greenwashing problem, and distributed ledger technology could plug the loopholes.

Terrenus added:

“This is where blockchain can come in to monitor and assess real progress in carbon reduction and carbon capture. And NFTs are about ownership and bragging rights as much as they are tradable assets and financial instruments. These technologies can play a role in addressing the biggest problems of our generation. And if we don’t, we are kicking the can down the road at our own peril.”

What’s more, Bybit recreated part of its NFT universe in physical form at CED 2022 and showcased interactive metaverse creations, select artists, and projects from the Bybit NFT Marketplace.

CED 2022 concluded on March 17 after an action-packed two days that featured a wide array of innovative blockchain and crypto projects from around the world.

Aisshwarya Tiwari

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