Cere Network Integrates with Biconomy to Offer users Faster and Cheaper NFT Infrastructure

Cere Network Integrates with Biconomy to Offer users Faster and Cheaper NFT Infrastructure

Cere Network (CERE), has completed an important integration with Biconomy to create an infrastructure designed to offer users more streamlined and cost-efficient blockchain transactions, improved onboarding experiences, and more.

Cere Integrates with Biconomy 

Cere Network, the first Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform, has successfully completed its integration with Biconomy, a project that claims to be on a mission to make Web3.0 user-friendly, frictionless and accessible via its plug-n-play APIs.

The team says the alliance will benefit members of both ecosystems, as they will now enjoy more streamlined blockchain transactions via a protocol that allows zero-balance accounts to transact with any third-party capable of covering the transaction fees.

The integration will also be beneficial to decentralized applications (dApps), as new users will get an improved onboarding experience.

Cere says its blockchain was built with substrate components, making it interoperable with Polkadot, with bridges to Ethereum and Polygon, allowing for cross-chain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) transfers and data transfers, amongst other capabilities.

The new service will be enabled across the entire Cere Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) infrastructure with a non-custodial, cost-efficient multichain relayer infrastructure network. 

The Cere DDC platform is designed to support a more secure first-party data foundation in the cloud by leveraging blockchain identity and data encryption to onboard and segment individual consumer data. 

The segmented data is then automated into highly customizable and interoperable virtual datasets, that can be accessed directly in near real-time by business units, partners/vendors, and machine-learning processes. 

Fostering dApp Accessibility & Adoption 

The integration with Biconomy is carried out on Cere DaVinci, (a Web3 media and experience platform built by Cere Network in collaboration with Polygon and Polygon studios) but powered by DDC and the Cere Mainnet.

Importantly, the team has made it clear that the integration marks an important milestone for the Cere mainnet to transition from the beta phase to its full mainnet which is scheduled to go live in May 2022.

What’s more, the team has made it clear that the integration will foster dApp accessibility through Biconomy’s relayer infrastructure protocol, in addition to the security of Cere Network’s DDC.

Data on the DDC are signed individually, encrypted, (along with potential value transfers), and stored in a tamper-proof, time-capsule data scheme.

Additionally, the integration will offer Biconomy devs and users improved infrastructure security from Cere Network’s DDC, plus a number of other incentives for building on Cere.

Founded in 2019, and backed by top VC firms, including Binance Labs, Republic Labs, Polygon, and others, Cere Network claims to be the first Web3 company to provide cloud data infrastructure solutions across blockchain networks through its Decentralized Data Cloud platform. Cere Network offers users digital asset security and access to NFTs, the metaverse, gaming content, and more.

Kenzi wang, Cere co-founder said:

“We look forward to integrating Biconomy in the Cere Ecosystem as we approach the next major milestone of our 2022 roadmap. Competitive fees are essential for achieving adoption, and we look forward to seeing how this partnership and integration will further improve the functionalities of the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud.”

Cere Network and Biconomy share the mutual goal of making decentralized applications in the Web3 ecosystem easier to adopt. The teams expect the integration of Biconomy’s solutions, including Mexa, Forward, and Hyphen, into the upcoming Cere Mainnet, to enable them to accomplish this objective by reducing the cost and complexities of traditional blockchain transactions.

Aniket Jinda, Biconomy founder said:

“To make decentralization truly accessible, transactions need to be both seamless and secure. Our partnership with Cere Network is an important milestone in our development of a multi-chain ecosystem.

Biconomy claims its APIs and SDKs transform dApps into user-friendly solutions for anyone, regardless of their crypto knowledge and experience. The Biconomy multichain relayer infrastructure processes almost 50k transactions daily for over 100 dApps, merging the intuitiveness of Web2.0 with the benefits of Web3.0.

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