ChainGuardians Metaverse Launches its Cryptoverse LAND Sale on Binance NFT and Galler

ChainGuardians Metaverse Launches its Cryptoverse LAND Sale on Binance NFT and Galler

ChainGuardians has announced that its Cryptoverse LAND sale will begin on the Binance NFT marketplace and Galler on March 22, 2022. Binance USD (BUSD) is the primary payment method for the sale and participants can purchase a Single parcel of LAND for $180 while the price of each Small estate is fixed at $5,200. Early participants will stand a chain to grab one of the 90 exclusive Binancio Kyubu NFTs or Galler Kyubu NFTs on offer.

ChainGuardians Cryptoverse LAND Sale 

The team behind the popular player-driven play-to-earn role-playing game (RPG), ChainGuardians (CGG) has announced the launch of its Cryptoverse LAND sale on Binance NFT launchpad and Galler, the exclusive decentralized exchange (DEX) partner of Binance NFT. Launched in February 2022, the Cryptoverse is an immersive 3D role-playing game and NFT metaverse based on the advanced Unreal Engine 5. It brings to life a virtual world where the values of businesses and players align in a unique metaverse setting. ChainGuardians’ Cryptoverse LAND plots are in very high demand and from March 22, 2022, interested buyers will be able to lay their hands on these super unique digital collectibles. Each Cryptoverse LAND is an ERC-721 NFT representing property ownership in the metaverse. Binance USD (BUSD) is the primary payment option for the Cryptoverse LAND sale event. There are 2,500 single parcels available on Binance NFT at the price of $180 per parcel, while 80 small estates are also available for purchase at the rate of $5,200 each. In the same vein, 20 small estates are available on the Galler platform, with the price fixed at $5,200 per estate, while any of the 500 single parcels on sale can be purchased for $180. The team wrote:
“There’s a special promotion for Cryptoverse LAND NFT traders between 2022-03-22 11:00 (UTC) to 2022-03-28 11:00 (UTC), as 90 exclusive Binancio Kyubu NFTs and 50 exclusive Galler Kyubu NFTs will be up for grabs. The Kyubu NFT is a 3D asset in the Cryptoverse and can be redeemed for a physical gift set and in-metaverse toy asset.”
Notably, the team has made it clear that there are no restrictions on purchases on both platforms. However, those who opt to purchase their LANDs via Binance will need a valid and verified account to do so. Additionally, it is essential for interested participants to visit the Cryptoverse landing page to select their desired LAND size and purchase it accordingly. After a successful purchase, buyers will receive an NFT voucher which must be transferred to a Web3 wallet address on BNB Chain via WalletConnect by May 1, 2022.

Cross-Chain Interoperability 

The ChainGuardians team has stated that Single Parcels will be minted on the Polygon blockchain, while Estates will be built upon the Ethereum network. The team says this cross-chain interoperability will enable early adopters of the platform to avoid high transaction fees while also boosting scalability. Commenting on the important milestone, Robbie Cochrane, Cryptoverse Co-founder said:
“Cryptoverse is delighted to be conducting a portion of our metaverse LAND sales on Binance NFT and Galler, Binance DEX partner for NFTs. Binance is a household name within the industry and we’re extremely excited to include their exceptional community into our NFT LAND sales.”
A total of eight islands make up the Cryptoverse archipelago, with each island representing a different Zone with unique aesthetics. Players can customize each Zone to their liking, while builders can leverage the Dual Architecture SDKs to implement animations and effects without worrying about writing code, the team explains.
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