Check the $LONIA Token Presale by Cardalonia

Check the $LONIA Token Presale by Cardalonia

The main advantage of investing during presales is the lower value of tokens. By investing early, the opportunities to make a profit are enhanced since the tokens are claimed before launch, before the general public notices it.

Furthermore, another essential purpose of presales is to meet the customer’s requirements with a company’s goods or services. In that regard, a pre-sales professional will analyze and understand what the customer is looking for, adapt the company’s product or service to the customer’s needs, and improve the user’s experience step by step.

Now, Cardalonia is a creator of a centric metaverse and play-to-earn platform that offers entire interaction with NFTs and CNTs, powered by the $LONIA utility token. And currently, the $LONIA token presale is ongoing, showing promising signs as many industry experts are excited about its innovative Tokenomics and utility.

Read this article to discover the $LONIA token’s benefits and how to join the presale.

Meet $LONIA token

$LONIA token is the utility token of the Cardalonia metaverse. It has been confirmed to list on various centralized and decentralized exchanges after the token sale rounds.

If you hold $LONIA tokens, you will be able to use them in multiple ways, like staking to earn rewards of over 20% APY without the tokens ever leaving the wallet. Also, the $LONIA staking model works in a way like Cardano staking but with a higher APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

Moreover, $LONIA token holders will be able to stake their tokens to earn rewards and vote on governance proposals that will affect the Cardalonia ecosystem. 

Furthermore, a staker will be eligible to become an ambassador once their stake key is shown on the staking leaderboard.

Last but not least, $LONIA holders will have the opportunity to be the first to join in the Cardalonia land NFT sale by having an active stake of 7000 $LONIA tokens.

What does Cardalonia bring to the table?

Cardalonia is a metaverse play-to-earn game project on the Cardano blockchain. It has continued to gain attention in the crypto world because of its novelty, usability, dedicated team, and other unique aspects.

On Cardano, Cardalonia is one of the first metaverse projects. It is building a non-custodial staking vault where users can stake and earn rewards without their tokens ever leaving the wallet

Why Cardano?

Bitcoin is a proof-of-work currency used mainly for spending and monetary transfer purposes. Cardano is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency ecosystem for smart contracts and dApps, and it can also be used for spending if necessary through its two-layer structure.

The complex ecosystem and upcoming updates Cardano is bringing empower Cardalonia to allow users to create, customize and personalize their experiences in a new metaverse. Besides that, they will be able to also hunt, mine, and extract resources as NFTs, which can be traded on any Cardano NFT Marketplace like

Cardalonia has also collaborated with multiple strategic partners like Readyplayerme. This strategic partnership will enable $LONIA token holders with an active $LONIA token stake on the Cardalonia Vault and an associating Adahandle address to create a custom Cardalonia avatar in readiness for deployment when the play-to-earn game becomes available.

Join the presale

You can join the $LONIA Token Presale at the fixed price of 1 ADA = 12 $LONIA. Following the official link, you can participate in the Cardalonia Token Presale.  

Keep up with Cardalonia on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and their official website.

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