Crypto Education: Ambire Unveils Smart Wallet Series on Twitter Spaces

Crypto Education: Ambire Unveils Smart Wallet Series on Twitter Spaces

Ambire has announced the launch of its ‘Smart Wallet’ series on Twitter Spaces. Held every Wednesday at 17:00 UTC, Ambire’s Smart Wallet series is designed to inform, guide and educate cryptocurrency enthusiasts about smart wallets and more.  

Ambire Smart Wallet Series

Ambire, a tech innovator that focuses on developing blockchain and Web3 solutions for crypto asset management and hosts the largest payments channels network on Ethereum, has announced the launch of its full-fledged Smart Wallet series on Twitter Spaces.

Per a press release shared with crypto. news, the Ambire Smart Wallet series on Twitter Spaces aims to inform, guide, and educate crypto users about smart wallets, highlighting their benefits as versatile in Web3 and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks.

The team says the Ambire Smart Wallet series on Twitter Spaces will tackle several important topics and perspectives on crypto development. The second installment of the program will focus on multi-chain solutions and the intricacies of managing digital assets with smart wallets across different blockchain networks.

Future episodes of the Smart Wallet series will cover a vast array of topics, from security to wallet hygiene, to the future and sustainability of Smart Wallets and their different use cases in decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3

The Ambire Smart Wallet series will be live at 17:00 UTC every Wednesday on Twitter Spaces until the end of September 2022, and all episodes will be accessible through the Ambire Twitter page.

The Hosts

The Ambire Smart Wallet Twitter Spaces is hosted by Megan DeMatteo, a finance journalist, seasoned writer, and highly reputed opinion leader in the finance and business space. DeMatteo has collaborated with notable publishers in recent times, including Time, CNBC, Business Insider, and CoinDesk. 

The Smart Wallet series is developed by the Ambire team. Each episode will feature one Ambire team member along with a guest with relevant experience in the crypto industry, while DeMatteo will curate the space. 

Each edition will feature a dedicated Q&A section where the audience will be able to engage with the subject and the guests. 

Commenting on the launch of Ambire’s Smart Wallet series, DeMatteo said:

“I’m very excited to be hosting this series of Twitter Spaces. I think the format is quite unique and leads to very thoughtful discussion. With Ambire, I think we can really dive deep into some of the benefits and challenges of building the next generation of crypto wallets.”

Debating on various perspectives, pros, and cons, DeMatteo will moderate a discussion between Arth Patel, Head of Engineering at Socket (formerly Movr), and Ivo Georgiev, Co-founder, and CEO of Ambire, two crypto veterans with strong development backgrounds. 

“It will be great to chat with Arth on Wednesday, I think we all have something to learn from each other, and this format of Twitter Spaces really allows speakers and audiences to dive deep into something they’re passionate about,” said Georgiev.