Decentralized Metaverse, REALM Is Set To Launch Its Mobile Beta Version Allowing Users To Build Microverses

Decentralized Metaverse, REALM Is Set To Launch Its Mobile Beta Version Allowing Users To Build Microverses

Mobile-based decentralized metaverse platform, REALM, is planning the release of its mobile app beta on Google Play Store and Apple App Store this coming Tuesday, June 21st, 2022. The launch of the beta app will coincide with REALM day and the NFT.NYC conference, which will take place on June 21 & 22. 

According to a statement, the visitors to NFT.NYC will be able to join the launch party for the mobile app, which will include an exclusive preview of a new kind of gaming experience, created in partnership with visionary artist Oseanworld. The REALM mobile app will include a number of ‘realms’ and features such as games, galleries, and quests that users can complete to earn rewards. 

“We really can’t wait to show the world what we cooked up with REALM,” said Matt Larby, Founder and CEO of REALM. “The beta launch is going to be awesome for anyone who can attend NFT.NYC.”

Additionally, the mobile app comes with developer tools that will enable users to create custom “microverses” with no prior coding experience needed. The “microverses can be customized to a user’s want in minutes within the major REALM metaverse. These creators can also connect their “microverses” with REALM’s NFT marketplace allowing them to collect in-game items and trade them with both crypto and fiat payment methods. 

“For everyone else, the app will be live to experiment with and build your own microverse,” Larby added. “We want everyone, from regular folks to big brands to build up their own little experience in REALM.”

Top to its mission, the REALM mobile app will empower everyone to thrive from metaverse experiences that create real-world impact. It allows anyone with a smartphone to download the app, create user-generated items, and allow the creation of unique immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences. Notwithstanding, brands and businesses can partner with REALM to create their digital environments and monetize them. The platform allows users to create stories using the quest builder, add gamification layers like flying, racing, 3D sound, vibration, event ticketing, live audio, and much more. Creators & Players own all IP & data of their creations.

Purchasing LAND on the REALM Mobile App

Apart from creating their own microverses, users will also be able to purchase land on the main REALM metaverse, with 9360 plots up for grabs. According to its website, the land parcels will be organized into 4 concentric areas, with the interior having higher traffic and value compared to the external circles. The LAND parcels will be purchased with the native $REALM token, which will also offer additional utility on the platform. 

The $REALM token will allow holders access to premium content on REALM and obtaining rewards from the project’s revenue, with up to 33% of all proceeds being used as rewards. Another third of the project’s revenue proceeds will be reserved for sustainability initiatives and partnerships to “make the world a better place”. 

So far, REALM has partnered with projects such as Plasticbank, Eden Reforestation Projects and Brokoli, allowing players to  transform their digital nature into a physical form. Each tree, or coral reef used for decoration in the REALM metaverse will mean one more real tree planted, or one more coral reef preserved.

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