DMG Blockchain Announces 85-Megawatt Crypto Mining Facility

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DMG Blockchain Announces 85-Megawatt Crypto Mining Facility

On November 8, 2018, blockchain and cryptocurrency mining firm DMG Blockchain announced the opening of its new 85-megawatt crypto mining facility in Canada, as per a press release by Global News Wire

Massive Mining Facility

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. has just announced the inauguration of a new crypto mining facility that is capable of a running an 85-megawatt mining operation. With this move, the company successfully energized up to 60 megawatts of its 85-megawatt crypto mine and becomes one of the largest crypto mining facilities operating in North America.

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. is a company that works on several sectors of the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and offers a wide range of end-to-end solutions to monetize the blockchain and digital currency ecosystem. With its Blockseer branch sited in Silicon Valley, the company is looking to become the leader in industrial scale crypto mine hosting – Mining as a Service (MaaS), crypto mining, blockchain forensics/analytics, and blockchain platform development.

DMG Blockchain Solutions CEO Dan Reitzik commented:

“DMG now proudly owns one of the largest, most cost-efficient, bitcoin mining facilities in North America–and we’re doing it in a responsible way with the local community. It was an audacious undertaking, but DMG’s executive team has been in the mining space for years, and we have the know-how and connections with the utilities and government agencies to pull it off.”

Crypto Mining with Clean Energy

DMG plans to bring a clean and reliable low-cost energy to its operations and offer its mining services to companies around the world through Mining as a Service (MaaS). The company’s commissioning, engineering, and construction of the facility was lightning fast and was done at the lowest cost ever in the power industry

The company’s 27,000 square foot crypto mining-as-a-service (MaaS) facility is located on 34 acres in British Columbia, Canada and it uses clean hydroelectric power. Moreover, the energy demand for hydroelectric power will not have a significant impact on the local community power needs.

The main facility is set out to begin with 60 megawatts of power and then increase it to 85 megawatts which will make it a strong competitor to other large Bitcoin and crypto mining facilities in North America.

Boundary Electric is a company with a lot of experience in the power industry. To keep up with the surge in power demand due to crypto mining operations and to gather valuable insight into the crypto industry, Boundary Electric partnered with DMG in this endeavor.

Dave Evdokimoff, CEO of Boundary Electric stated:

“In Boundary Electric’s 71 years of business, we have never seen a demand in the electrical manufacturing industry quite like what is being generated from the crypto space.  The opportunity to collaborate with DMG on projects has brought to the forefront their commitment to creative solutions facing their industry.”

The power that DMG is going to access in its new facility will be entirely independent of the local community grid and more than enough to power a small city. DMG’s new Crypto mining facility took nearly around a year to be finished. Apart from the facility itself, the company included other building, an access road, as well as set up its redundancy power substation, and was able to create hundreds of new jobs in the process.

DMG’s new 85-megawatt crypto mining facility will certainly provide cheap and clean energy making it an example for other companies to follow.

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