Could Donald Trump Be the “Trump Card” of Bitcoin?

Could Donald Trump Be the “Trump Card” of Bitcoin?

President Trump is a very busy man, and he has dedicated himself into securing the status of the dollar, calling for QE and negative interest rates, as well as bringing back more jobs from China. While the effects of such measures on the economy remain unclear, he has unintentionally promoted the development of bitcoin, despite the fact that he is not a friend for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and he has said that he didn’t even recognize them as money.

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US-China Tension Continues to Escalate

Troubles in China have believed by many a positive factor for bitcoin. There seems to be an uncanny relationship between the China yuan and bitcoin. During the devaluation of the yuan, cryptocurrency tends to pick up. And many argue that the devaluation of yuan means more money in China will flow to bitcoin. According to Chris Burniske, partner at venture capital firm Placeholder, should CNY continue to shed value, the market could see a 2015 and 2016 repeat, during which bitcoin gained 34% and 125% respectively.

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Apart from the influence of yuan, bitcoin also gains momentum from global conflicts, as a widely recognized de facto form of cash as well as a safe-haven asset. With its characteristics of decentralization and anonymity, bitcoin is free to flow from one wallet to one wallet, one country to one country.

Currently, some countries facing hyper-inflation have been exploring the potential of cryptocurrency. Suffering from the sanctions of the U.S., Iran has openly called for wider bitcoin adoption and has granted over 1,000 mining licenses for far. Should there be a breakdown in the US-Sino relation, cryptocurrency could have a bigger role in transactions.

“I am personally bullish [on bitcoin] due to a combination of excess stimulus from all the major central banks (ample liquidity in the system) and pick-up in geopolitical risks.”Phillip Gillespie, CEO of B2C2 Japan, remarked that he believes Trump’s move against China will be a major catalyst for support.

However, in the short-term, the US-Sino crisis could lead to a bearish sentiment in bitcoin, as Chinese investors will see a decline.

Unlimited QE and Negative Interest Rate are Bad for Deposit, but Good for Bitcoin

It seems that unlimited QE is inevitable, and Trump, the self-proclaimed “king of debt”, is pushing for negative interest rates for the benefits of cheap money. While QE and negative interest rates could jumpstart the economy and inject liquidity into the market, it might lead to inflation. Although you will find yourself paying less for mortgage or loan, you will also notice the money in your pocket shed some of its value, and your deposit unable to generate the same interests.

Bitcoin’s “quantitative hardening” has cut its issuance into a half, making its inflation rate 1.8% until the fourth halving. In addition to storing money in the bank and waiting for devaluation, investing part of it into bitcoin seems a more and more common choice for institutional investors.

Despite how Trump is not a crypto supporter, ironically, what he does could very well have a positive impact on its long-term performance. It will have its ups and downs in the short-term, but bitcoin is resilient, bitcoin is the future.

What to Do in Times of Volatility?

Bitcoin fails to uphold its position above the $10,000 and nearly shed 9% value within a day. As our world will meet more uncertainties in the coming future, bitcoin will also experience more volatile moves. Here are two ways to accumulate more BTC in times like this:

Option 1: Maximize Profits with Leveraged Trading

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Option 2: A Wallet Designed for Traders and HODLers

With QE on the way, a bitcoin interest-bearing wallet with up to 30% annualized interests really sounds like a juicy offer. While waiting for the bull, your bitcoin will earn profits without taking any risks.

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