Egretia Educational Series 7: What Are The Features of Egretia’s Public Blockchain?

Egretia Educational Series 7: What Are The Features of Egretia’s Public Blockchain?

Welcome to the educational series of Egretia. Here we discuss all the different components of the Egretia ecosystem. Many of you have been wondering about the release of Egretia’s public blockchain and the features it will have. In this article we will discuss all the main components of this new upcoming chain.

The Egretia network is being developed to become a powerful autonomous public blockchain based on a DPoS (Delegated Stake Proof) consensus mechanism, made to be available to optimize and expand the possibilities for HTML5 games. DPoS is a technology based democracy implementation that uses the voting and election system to avoid centralization and malicious usage during the verification of transactions. It allows to be able to achieve consensus verification quickly while at the same time aiming for decentralisation and democracy. Developers will be able to build blockchain-based DApps quickly via the blockchain interface layer and its integration with our Egretia engine software.

Egretia’s public chain will also allow for fast TPS (Transaction Per Second), which is much needed it the gaming industry. More than 2000 TPS could be supported in the initial test chain. In the future, the TPS will increase based on the business needs of the applications build on top of the chain. The Egretia Network will also be able to alter process parameters without bifurcation, as it will be able to dynamically adjust parameters such as block size, performance speed, and handling fees through consensus-based voting methods.

For instance: a current block time of 3 seconds can be adjusted to 1 second; or a current block size of 2M can be adjusted dynamically to create larger blocks like 8M. This depends on the voting procedure that will be happening on the blockchain. Furthermore, community members and the Foundation (or its affiliates) are seperated and the resources and funds of the Foundation remain under the jurisdiction of the applicable board of directors, which is autonomous and applies the assets and funds to the Foundation’s objectives.

The proven tools above are developed to provide a solid foundation for the Egretia Network and further decentralize its economy while, at the same time, making the application development more simple, convenient and efficient. To make it even more accessible, many supportive mainstream languages and frameworks will be integrated. The development suite will provide support for JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js and through extensions it will also be possible to integrate languages and frameworks such as C #, Go, C++, AngularJS, React, and more. Lastly, the Smart Coding Assistance will provide major languages with intelligent code completion, real-time error feedback, reference search, easy search for definitions, and many other useful functions to help developers build DApps more quickly. We hope all this information has inspired you to join us in creating the most powerful gaming DApp ecosystem in the world!

If you have anything questions or you have a specific request you like us to write about, then please visit our Telegram channel and let us know: Stay tuned for more!

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