Bitsgap: An all-in-one trading platform

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Cryptocurrency trading can be challenging, with wild price swings that create opportunities for profits along with the risk of losses. For traders seeking to optimize results, the ideal trading platform provides advanced tools to capitalize on upside potential while mitigating downside risks. Bitsgap aims to deliver such a solution.

As a leading crypto trading platform, Bitsgap aggregates over 15 top exchanges into one interface. Going beyond regular exchange functionality, Bitsgap provides tools like smart orders and customizable trading bots that trade autonomously in any market. By consolidating assets across multiple exchanges and arming traders with advanced automation features, Bitsgap delivers an all-in-one crypto trading solution.

Security is the foundation of everything Bitsgap does. Since launching in 2017, the platform has upheld an unblemished security track record, with zero hacking attempts or data leaks. Bitsgap prioritizes user asset and personal data protection, utilizing cutting-edge security protocols, robust encryption, two-factor authentication, and other precautionary measures for safety.

In addition to industry-leading security, Bitsgap is packed with features such as:

Smart trading terminal

Bitsgap offers an easy way to manage investments across multiple exchanges. The platform consolidates portfolios into one intuitive dashboard that provides transparency into investment performance and key financial metrics. This consolidated view makes it simpler to evaluate and achieve investment goals.

Bitsgap provides an advanced trading interface to easily manage trades across multiple exchange accounts. The platform offers sophisticated order types like Scaled Orders, TWAP, OCO, flexible Take Profit settings, and adjustable Stop Losses. These advanced features, not always available on exchanges, allow traders to implement complex strategies and safeguard investments from market volatility.

Trading bots

Bitsgap offers leading automated trading algorithms for spot and futures markets. The platform provides a diverse set of bots including DCA for incremental investing, GRID for capitalizing on volatility, BTD for strategic buys on dips, and advanced futures bots like COMBO and DCA Futures.

Advanced charts

By integrating with TradingView, Bitsgap offers extensive charting and analytical capabilities. The Technical Widget synthesizes signals from multiple indicators to inform trading decisions. 

Additionally, the automated bots can execute trades based on up to six technical indicators, allowing for refined and precise strategy implementation. With robust charting tools and indicator-driven bots, Bitsgap provides traders with the data and analytics essential for informed trading.

7-day trial and simulation mode

Bitsgap offers a seven-day trial of its PRO plan with no credit card required. After the trial, users can switch to demo or paper trading mode to practice trading spot and futures markets using virtual funds without financial risk.

Dynamic affiliate network

The Bitsgap affiliate program offers users commissions up to 30% for referred subscribers through their unique affiliate link. Users can promote their link on blogs, social media, or by direct invitation. 

The program incentivizes bringing in more referrals, with increased potential earnings. Bitsgap also runs monthly affiliate contests with attractive rewards, further encouraging users to grow their referral network. 

Diverse subscription plans and bonuses

Once you’re ready to join Bitsgap, there are three subscription plans — Basic, Advanced, and PRO — with flexible payment methods including crypto. Continual platform evolution

Bitsgap is committed to enhancing the platform through new partnerships, products, and bots designed for evolving market environments. The company recently integrated support for OKX Futures, enabling manual trading of perpetual swaps. 

Users can now trade OKX Futures manually, with a range of leverage ratios, precise fractional leverage control, and the ability to hold Cross and Isolated positions concurrently on the same pair.

About Bitsgap

Bitsgap is a fintech developer company launched in 2017 to provide smart trading automation tools to make trading crypto easy and efficient.