Cointiply: A Bitcoin and Altcoin Faucet

Rated 3 out of 5

Cointiply is a next-generation bitcoin rewards platform, get-paid-to site, and Bitcoin faucet. Cointiply is one of the legit platforms online for earning free bitcoin and altcoins, without having to take too many risks. 

Earn Free Coins on Cointiply

Founded in 2018, Cointiply is one of the get-paid-to sites and cryptocurrency faucets that have stood the test of time. Cointiply is one of the best multicoin faucets that makes it possible for users to earn crypto without any investment commitment other than their time.

‘Coins’ is the native cryptocurrency of In essence, users get paid in Coins when they complete simple tasks on the platform. The earned Coins can then be converted to the supported cryptoassets on Cointiply, which include satoshis (100 millionths of a bitcoin), litecoin (LTC), dash (DASH), and dogecoin (DOGE). 

On the Cointiply platform, 10,000 COINS is equal to 1 USD. Users can see the equivalent value of their Coins in BTC in the upper rand hand corner of the Cointiply site. During withdrawals, users can choose to get paid in either bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, or dash. The minimum withdrawal is $5 for bitcoin and $3 for dogecoin, litecoin, and dash.

There are various ways to earn decent crypto rewards on Cointiply, including through the Cointiply bitcoin faucet, loyalty bonus, rain pool, quests, surveys, referrals, chat bonus, multiplier, offers, and more. 

The Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet 

The Cointiply bitcoin faucet is the easiest way to earn coins on the platform. Just click on “Roll the Faucet” then complete the Captcha and click “Roll & Win.” The payout is determined by the number a user rolls. If you roll 99,999, you’ll hit the jackpot, which will give you 100,000+ coins.  Each user can roll the faucet once every 60 minutes.

The number rolled by a user is multiplied by the ‘Cointiplier.’ By default, everyone starts with a Cointiplier set at 1.5x. As each user’s activity and engagement with the site increases, their Cointiplier amount will also increase.

Cointiply Loyalty Bonus 

Cointiply users who visit the site daily and complete any of the numerous tasks on the platform, will earn a loyalty bonus. Users’ bonus amount will increase by one percent for each consecutive day they make a valid claim. In essence, users can increase their claim amounts by 100 percent if they are active 100 days in a row. If you miss a day, your loyalty bonus will reset to zero. However, premium members can miss up to two days before going back to a 0 percent loyalty level.

Cointiply Quest 

Cointiply users can complete quests such as rolling the faucet, viewing paid-to-click (PTC) ads, redeeming promo codes, and more, to earn extra Coins. Quests are one of the most useful features on Cointiply, as it enables users to earn more for doing the tasks they were already doing on the platform. Cointiply Quests are automatically tracked and unlocked once a user meets the requirements. 

Cointiply Surveys 

Another excellent method of earning a decent amount of coins on the platform is by completing surveys from the numerous survey partners of Cointiply, including TheoremReach, Yuno, CPX Research, Your Surveys, Adscend Media, Ad Gate Media, Pollfish, opinionetwork, Revenue Wall, SaySo Rewards and more.

Cointiply users can also earn a five percent annual interest on their Coins balances of over 35,000.