U24: Crypto’s oldest Bitcoin Faucet

Rated 4 out of 5

While there are lots of new sites to get free bitcoins on the internet nowadays, as anyone can easily purchase a script they like and start up a faucet, only a handful of these bitcoin and altcoin faucets have managed to remain afloat after a few months or years.

Launched sometime around 2013, the U24.co bitcoin faucet is one of the oldest cryptocurrency faucets still alive and paying. The platform has found a way to refine and tweak its offerings over the years, in accordance with the market conditions. And this has enabled the U24.co Bitcoin Faucet to weather all storms and succeed where others have failed.

U24 Bitcoin Faucet allows unregistered users to claim between 0.2 to 2.0 satoshis (100 millionths of a bitcoin) every 90 minutes, while its registered users can get between 0.3 to 10.0 satoshis on the platform every 45 minutes. Users earning go directly to their U24 bitcoin faucet account balance until the minimum withdrawal threshold of 25 satoshis is reached. 

Once a user earns up to 25 satoshis, a withdrawal request can be placed and the funds will be sent to his/her FaucetPay.io or Coinbase wallet. In the same vein, users whose earnings are up to 50,000 satoshis can withdraw funds directly to their bitcoin wallets without having to go through FaucetPay.io

To get started on the U24 Bitcoin Faucet, a user must enter a valid bitcoin address and click on the ‘Next Step’ button on the site. This will automatically take the user to the U24 partner sites where tasks such as viewing ads, can carry out. As seen on the site, users are required to deactivate the ad blockers on their devices before participating in any program, since the project sustains itself with the money gotten from advertisers.

 U24 Bitcoin faucet users can also participate in contests on the platform to get crypto rewards. However, the contest is governed by some rules as outlined by the team:

  • Users must have earned up to 100 satoshis to be eligible to participate in the contest. Earnings come from U24 partners including eBesucher, MULTIBUX, & ClixWal
  • There are a total of 10 prizes to be won
  • The prize fund is dynamic and depends on son the total amount earned by all participants in the contest 
  • The participant that earns the most rewards from eBesucher, MULTIBUX, and CLIXWal, will be the overall winner of the contest

In addition to earning satoshis by completing various tasks on U24 partner platforms eBesucher, MULTIBUX and CLIXWal, users can also earn satoshis when they refer others to the site and their referrals get active too.

According to U24 Bitcoin Faucet, users who refer between 1 o 49 people to the site will earn a 10 percent referral bonus. Those who refer between 50 and 99 people will earn a 25 percent bonus, while users with 100 referrals or more will enjoy a 50 percent bonus.

It’s worth noting that the earning rate and bonuses on U24 Bitcoin Faucet can change at any time since most cryptocurrency faucets offer their users rewards according to the market conditions. Rewards tend to be higher when the price of bitcoin is down and lower when the market experiences a solid bullish momentum.