Galeon Connects Healthcare To Blockchain

Galeon Connects Healthcare To Blockchain

Fixing health care, to be sure, will be a long process involving many groups from the corporate, scientific, and political realms. Even while the debate raged over the industry’s large-scale problems, technology advancements have aided in modest but significant ways in increasing efficiency: Providers, for example, may now send and store health information in a safer and faster manner thanks to new software.

On the other hand, it’s no secret that many aspects of the healthcare profession are entrenched in obsolete technology and processes. 

The current state of healthcare information systems is extremely fragmented. While a plethora of sources is producing increasing volumes of personal healthcare data – from physicians to pharmacies, laboratories to hospitals, and even our mobile phones and smart devices – the information is almost always isolated within data silos – segregated and inaccessible from outside the confines of closed and proprietary systems.

This is not only wasteful, but it also limits a healthcare provider’s capacity to work with the most comprehensive collection of patient data accessible in real-time in order to give the best health results. Blockchain technology provides a solution, and healthcare providers are rapidly recognizing its disruptive potential.

Galeon, a blockchain-based data management solution is currently addressing the data challenges that have rocked the healthcare sector. The firm could well be on track to becoming the foundation for a universal worldwide electronic health record, providing a secure digital environment capable of storing and maintaining patient data and sharing value through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Providing Data Solution To The Medical Field.

Galeon is a healthcare-based platform created for caregivers to enhance healthcare records and make the data management process seamless. The French startup is utilizing blockchain to connect all healthcare stakeholders, including patients, physicians, hospitals, and researchers, in a seamless manner. Ultimately, Patients will be able to acquire ownership of their data and decide how it’s been used thanks to blockchain technology.

The blockchain data management firm first debuted in 2016, a time when data breaches, hacks, and high maintenance costs are becoming a norm. According to HIPAA, at least one data breach of healthcare records occurred every day in 2018. Between 2009 and 2018, data breaches exposed the healthcare records of more than 59 percent of the US population.

Blockchain companies like Galeon connect hospitals through a shared patient record between institutions. In a broader term, Galeon assists caregivers in their everyday practice by facilitating, organizing, and streamlining medical data for easy management. 

The risk of data breaches is becoming more significant as the demand for high-quality healthcare rises. Galeon is proven to be the solution by securely allowing data interchange in the fragmented healthcare business, which is exactly what healthcare needs right now.

Medical records may be securely stored, and patient data could be updated in real-time across numerous institutions and locations. This would allow health care institutions to devote more time and money to patient care and innovation rather than administration. With Galeon services, the Records System would empower patients to retain full control over their data, choosing when, and to whom, to grant permission to access their information.

Galeon is at the Verge of a Wide-Scale Adoption.

In the healthcare industry, blockchain is slowly but surely gaining acceptance. It’s possible to think of it as a technology that’s changing the entire healthcare hierarchy by delivering power to the patients and dependable deliverables. While the world has barely scratched the surface of Blockchain’s potential, Galeon is on course to be at the forefront of its widespread adoption.

Since Galeon debuted, its growth prospect has maintained an upward trajectory. To date, the platform has over 85,000 patient records on its application and is gradually expanding to more French institutions. Today, the project is undergoing a fundraising process and has raised over $10 million in several fundraising rounds. 

This funding is in line with Galeon’s goals to create a Healthcare Blockchain ecosystem by connecting real-world use cases to Blockchain technology. One that is efficient, secured, and cost-effective for everyday use.


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