What is Arbitrage in Crypto Trading?

Arbitrage is a strategy adopted by traders who take advantage of different prices of the same digital asset on two different exchanges. This means that an arbitrage trader, for instance, buys Bitcoin cheaper on exchange A and then sells the same coin at a higher price on exchange B.

Exchanges prices often vary, depending on among other things, liquidity and offerings in place to stay ahead of competition. People most definitely prefer trading on an exchange that provides lower prices compared to others. It’s this reality that the arbitrage trader exploits for profits.

Is Arbitrage Legal?

The practice of arbitrage is not only legal but also encouraged in the United States. Arbitrageurs are also encouraged to continue their practice because they serve as intermediaries who provide liquidity on the exchanges they use.

Why Is Arbitrage Important?

Arbitrage is not new. It has since been a common practice in traditional finance before finding its way into cryptocurrency. There are a bunch of inefficiencies in the market. Arbitrage comes in to calm the storm of inefficiencies by trying to maintain a uniform price across the market. One major benefit of arbitrage is that it helps to correct price discrepancies between exchanges. There are certain trading tools that are automated to check the prices of assets around exchanges. They help to achieve an almost uniform price across the market, making it efficient enough. 

There are various arbitrage strategies employed by traders today, and the most common form of arbitrage is pure arbitrage. Other popular types of arbitrages include cross-border arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, merger arbitrage, etc. The strategy employed for an arbitrage trade depends on the expertise and experience of the arbitrageur.

People have asked if arbitrage can make them rich. In times past, it has made people rich. One such is SBF, the CEO of FTX, who got very wealthy from trading Bitcoin on arbitrage. Although, things are now tighter as exchanges use automated trading tools to ensure uniformity of value of traded assets. This reality had made it very difficult for arbitrageurs, unlike when there were no automated trading tools employed to check price discrepancies. This has made it harder for arbitrage traders to make outstanding profits as they used to.

What are Some Good Arbitrage Bots and Platforms? 

It’s crucial to consider your specific needs and trading objectives while selecting the finest crypto arbitrage bot. Each bot has a unique collection of features, expenses, and advantages that could or might not be suitable for you. To assist you in making an educated choice and increase your income, we have broken out the top crypto arbitrage bots.

  • Pionex

This good exchange comes with in-built Bitcoin and crypto trading bots. The arbitrage bot in Pionex is free to use. However, the total package comes with a very low fee that is affordable.

  • Bitsgap

You might have heard about this arbitrage trading platform. It is a very popular cloud-based system that supports some centralized exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, etc.

  • Coinrule

This arbitrage bot makes it easy for you to perform arbitrage. It does not require prior skills in coding. Although intuitive, it is easy to set up and use. It comes with military security that offers encryption at its finest.

  • Shrimpy

This is one perfect cryptocurrency bot for performing arbitrage. It helps connect to users’ API keys with ease. This ensures that no more than necessary information is granted access.